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Get 20 Years Of Guaranteed Quality At Visual

Giving customers value for money has been a tradition that Visual has upheld since the formation of the company. It’s only right for a person to expect their new conservatory, windows or doors to provide lengthy quality when you consider the extent of investment it takes to secure these types of products.

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We appreciate that there are dozens of other home improvement specialists that people can turn to for home enhancements, but very few of them are able to match Visual’s 20 year guarantee, a symbol of our dedication to quality.

The most you can usually hope for when appointing a rival installer is a 10 year guarantee. That doesn’t go far enough for our liking.

We believe that a 20 year guarantee is far more reflective of what a customer deserves for their money, and it highlights the standard of manufacturing and installation that Visual tirelessly demonstrates.

Everything we produce is strenuously tested and the testing procedures we employ continuously show to us that 20 years is the minimum expected lifespan of all items rolled off our production line. It also helps that the materials and components we use to create these products offer proven longevity.

When that 20 year guarantee is handed over to you at the conclusion of a project, it will fill you with so much confidence.

You will know that within that 20-year period you will be able to call upon Visual to rectify and fix any potential issues that arise without it costing you a penny. We wish to point out that it’s rare our products fail, but occasionally things can happen.

The energy savings you make over those 20 years due to the high level of thermal efficiency offered by our windows and doors will also translate into lots and lots of saved money.


Put your faith in Visual and we will repay it with 20 years of guaranteed quality. Contact us to discuss your requirements and discover just how good we are.






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