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Time To Spring Clean Your Extension And Freshen Up The Space

31st March 2020

You’re definitely in the minority if you enjoy cleaning of any sort, let alone spring cleaning; most of us don’t. But once it’s done, you will agree that a thorough spring cleaning of the house is worth the effort and you will be pleased that you did it.  There’s no getting out of it for...

Could Triple Glazing Be The Key To A Quieter Home?

25th March 2020

You won’t be hearing so much of it now that we’re in lockdown, but in normal circumstances, noise generated outside can cause you issues indoors at home.  It’s really annoying when you’re settling down to do something, maybe watching a favourite TV show or enjoying a peaceful dinner, and you get interrupted by the cacophony...

Are You Going To Need Planning Permission For A Solid Roof?

12th March 2020

Until solid tiled roofs were created, there was very little you could do to resolve the issue of a conservatory overheating in summer or becoming exceptionally cold during the winter months. Conservatories everywhere would sit abandoned for months on end, so as you can imagine, this thermally insulating roof covering was welcomed with open arms...

Our FENSA Membership Proves That Visual Can Be Trusted

10th March 2020

What you want, more than anything, when appointing a window or door installer is to be guaranteed fantastic workmanship, with no hitches before, during or after the project’s completion. Avoid any potential disappointment with your new windows and doors by only choosing a FENSA-registered firm. Visual was accepted on to the window and door industry’s...

3 Ways To Make Your Home More Valuable

27th February 2020

Whether you have an urge to move soon or you’re perfectly content with your current home, you should always be looking into ways of improving the property – there’s no such thing as the perfect house. The principal aim is to make enhancements that will add value. Some enhancements will cost a pretty penny, while...

Why Not To Buy A Modular Extension For Your Home

24th February 2020

At Visual, there are several different ways that you can extend your home, from integrating a conservatory into it to growing the building with one of our glamorous open-plan kitchens. What we don’t have available are modular extensions, even though they are gaining traction amongst the British public. Ahead of getting into our reasons for...

How You Can Stop Your Windows Getting Condensation

17th February 2020

As a specialist window supplier, it’s no surprise that so many people come to Visual when they want advice on condensation. It happens an awful lot during the winter as that’s when internal condensation on windows most frequently appears.   We always know what to say as condensation is easily explained – it’s all down...

Check Out Our Newest Door Range – EXTREME Solid Core Doors

10th February 2020

It may have escaped your attention that we have grown our existing door range in recent times with the addition of EXTREME Solid Core Doors, which combine stylishness with security. Not only do these doors more than look the part, but they also more than feel the part too. A total of 16 layers of...

Find Yourself Some Finance At Visual

24th January 2020

Are you dying to have energy efficient windows added at home or could you do with a conservatory to extend your current space? If so, what’s stopping you? It could be down to money, especially at this time of the year, which we totally understand. But, don’t ditch or delay those dreams just yet, at...

What Will Be The Top Home Trends For 2020?

23rd January 2020

Your Christmas decorations should be down and packed away by now and the inside of your house probably feels quite bare and empty because of it. Seeing your interior in its post-Christmas state may give you the impetus you need to modify and enhance its appearance. You won’t be on your own as thousands of...

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