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What A Solid Roof Is And How It Will Help Your Conservatory

25th March 2019

Spring is now here and the current temperature is at a level where it’s neither too hot or too cold which will be welcomed by a lot of conservatory owners as it means the internal feel of their extension will be just right for a brief period of time. In a biting cold winter, traditional...

Will I Need Planning Permission?

18th March 2019

When sitting down with a Visual consultant and putting the finishing touches to a proposed conservatory, orangery or porch installation, it needs to be clarified if the design will need planning permission before work can begin. Ignorance of planning rules can come back to bite you and there’s no excuse for it. Thankfully, Visual is...

Why Porches Help Create The Best First Impression

14th March 2019

Visual isn’t just a supplier and installer of windows, doors and conservatories as we also specialise in UPVC and brick porches, a home improvement that often goes under the radar even though porches are renowned for establishing thrilling entranceways. Our porch designs are anything but plain and ordinary and come in a very wide variety...

Why You Should Buy A Home Extension For This Summer Now

8th March 2019

Who could have predicted that temperatures at the end of February would be so high and make West Yorkshire feel as though it was already basking in a beautifully warm summer? Nobody saw it coming and what it may have done is got you excited about the real arrival of summer and thinking of extending...

How To Furnish And Accessorise Your Conservatory

26th February 2019

Just like you would seek to do after moving into a brand new home, it is important to inject some of your personality into a new conservatory as it will have a permanent presence at the house. There is lots of space to do it and you can achieve it through the use of furniture...

Your Guide To The Composite Door And Why You Might Want One

13th February 2019

It’s very easy to overlook the importance of your front door but you shouldn’t underestimate its value as your entranceway is meant to keep your living space secure and sets the tone for the entire house – people’s first impressions of your home could easily be swayed by it. When your front door looks and...

Conservatory Or Orangery - Which One Shall I Choose?

6th February 2019

We’re only a few weeks into 2019 but it already looks like our conservatories and orangeries will be as much in demand as they have been over the past couple of years. We can only guess that continued instability in the housing market is causing householders to scrap any ideas of moving and prioritise improving...

Can Triple Glazed Windows Really Reduce Noise?

1st February 2019

When settling down at home after work or at a weekend to watch a bit of telly or to read a book, the last thing you want is to be disturbed by external noise. But there’s little chance of getting peace and quiet when you live adjacent to a busy road, railway line or major...

Why Choosing A Regional Home Improvement Firm Is Best

23rd January 2019

It’s unlikely you would be comfortable inviting a total stranger into your house without knowing something about them first and the same should go for when you consider welcoming a home improvement company you’re unfamiliar with into your property. You need to do your homework prior to appointing someone to install a conservatory on your...

Home Improvement Trends For 2019

18th January 2019

Have you grown a little bored of your home interior but have no interest in moving house? Then the obvious solution is to wipe the slate clean and reimagine the current appearance of it. You might have some ideas in your mind of how to freshen up its look but it also helps to know...

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