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    Solid Roofs

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A Unique Entrance Into Your Garden

Garden rooms are a fantastic addition to a home because they combine the light, airy feel of a traditional conservatory with the strength and energy efficiency of a solid, tiled roof structure. Created to effortlessly match the characteristics of your home, our stylish range of garden room designs can also be used to provide a more contemporary contrast. Incredibly versatile, here at Visual Conservatories, Windows & Doors we can help you with your garden room ideas. From a stand-alone structure to a garden room extension, the new living space a solid-roof garden room provides can be used in many different ways.


An Incredible Room to Relax in

With nearly 20 years of local experience in and around West Yorkshire, we offer unrivalled local expertise and the biggest selection of garden rooms for sale in the area. Featuring modern materials and manufacturing techniques, a garden room extension provides unrivalled energy efficiency and durability; allowing you to save more money for longer. Understanding the need to reduce how much garden rooms cost, we strive to provide the lowest garden room prices whilst never compromising on quality or materials. Using only the very best materials and latest manufacturing techniques, we have full control over the entire design, manufacturing and installation process.

As roof options go you’d be hard pushed to find anything better than a solid roof…


Whether your Edwardian, Lean-To, Gable or Victorian conservatory is old or brand new, a solid roof can be specially designed and adapted to fit. Any unusually shaped or size conservatories such as the P-shaped model can be equipped with a bespoke solid roof which will offer exactly the same amount of warmth and comfort.


The solid roof is readily associated with replacement projects, but many newly built conservatories now come ready installed with a Warm Roof, rather than the glass or polycarbonate variety. The speed with which it can be fitted is accelerated further due to the many glazed facets present in the overall structure, making it far quicker than an extension that contains full height brick walls and a standard roof wrapper. Centre pivot windows and mounted spotlights can be integrated into the design to compensate for any loss of natural light suffered as a consequence of a solid roof.


Double-ended Edwardian configurations make it possible for a solid roof to be fitted onto a new or existing orangery. From the perspective of aesthetics your orangery won’t change in the slightest, what will change is the internal ambience; which will feel far more welcoming and inviting than it did previously. The natural sunlight that filters through the centre pivot roof windows will further add to the overall feel.


The Warm Roof isn’t limited to conservatories and orangeries as it can also be utilised in most other types of home extension as an alternative to the standard solid roof which takes longer to install and is usually more expensive. Lightweight tile and slate are the two roof coverings available, with the many colour variations on offer ensuring it can be matched to the roof of your home.


A porch installation will be a far quicker process should you opt to have a Warm Roof included, regardless of whether it is a small or large project. Thanks to the ease at which it can be incorporated into the design a Warm Roof can be installed in just a few hours.

A solid tiled roof offers your home so many different benefits…


It’s not all about looks when it comes to the final design of your conservatory. You need it to be practical in terms of the energy efficiency it provides throughout the year so that you can get the most out of it. The Warm Roof plays a vital role so far as keeping the structure insulated at all times, particularly as it is made up of rigid insulation board and insulated plywood.

Solid Look & Feel

There’s no doubting the qualities of a polycarbonate or glass roof, but a solid roof provides that something a little different from the perspective of internal ambience. Yes, it won’t allow quite as much natural sunlight to pass into the room, but it will still receive a generous quantity from sunrise till sunset. Thanks to the use of modern materials and design, you will be astounded by just how similar a lightweight roof looks to that of traditional tile and slate.

Simple Fit

The installation of a Warm Roof is faster than you would probably expect due to it being pre-fabricated, meaning you can be enjoying your new living space in just hours.

A plasterboard or timber internal finish will work a treat…

The favoured internal finish for a Warm Roof tends to be painted plasterboard as it offers a clean and spotless effect that you’ll never tire looking at. However, there are other options available to you such as a timber clad ceiling which really shows its class in the winter due to the richness and texture of its dark shades that emit warm undertones. Providing a cabin-like feel, it acts as a great accompaniment to any integrated roof windows or centre-pivoting timber roof windows.

Centre pivot roof windows and a Warm Roof are a marriage made in heaven…


Don’t be concerned by any loss of natural sunlight that occurs as a result of having a Warm Roof fitted as it can always be drawn back in by integrating roof windows into the design as well as working in tandem with your traditional windows and doors. Morning, noon or night, you can expect to revel in the most spectacular views imaginable through these roof windows. They will also prove a tonic in summer when ventilation is an absolutely must, helping keep every cool and at a comfortable temperature.

Our tiles have a strength and toughness that exceeds expectations…

We offer two types of Warm Roof covering, lightweight tile and lightweight slate. Our lightweight tiles come in five colours, whilst our lightweight slate is virtually identical to that of natural slate. Both are completely weather-proof and maintenance-free.

Lightweight Tile

There’s no denying that traditional slate when first fitted looks exceptionally pleasing on the eye, but as time goes by it often cracks and loses the visual appeal it once had. Our lightweight tiles are designed to endure and therefore suffer no such problems, even years down the line. Our tiles also look exactly like the real thing such is the amount of detail; with curves and peaks present throughout the material. An impressive 20 colours are available, including plum, brick red, stone black and pewter grey.

Lightweight Slate

A lightweight tile is all its takes to secure warmth in conservatories, orangeries, porches and many other forms of home extension. It takes very little time to install and so far as maintenance is concerned, there is virtually none required. When it comes to choosing a suitable coloured lightweight tile, you can choose between umber, green, charcoal, red and ebony.

Give your tiled roof a bit of colour and personality…

Our lightweight tiles will work in perfect symmetry with any existing roof tiles thanks to the five colour options we have available. Don’t be put off by the word ‘lightweight’ as these tiles offer a similar level of durability to that of stone-coated steel.

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Why Choose Us?


To ensure local homeowners get the very best garden room we offer UltraRoof; the latest in tiled, energy-efficient solid roofs. Consisting of minimal separate parts, no expensive steelwork and no structural tie bars, UltraRoof can be easily created to fit any shape or design. One very practical benefit of all this is that UltraRoof can be installed much quicker and simpler than any other type of roof system, thereby also helping to reduce price.

UltraRoof is also unique in terms of styling as it can incorporate large, made-to-measure glass panels into the roof design which provide added natural sunlight and interesting sky views. Always looking to improve energy efficiency, we offer various types of performance glass for these panels, including heat retention, solar reflection and self-cleaning.