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For a modern and efficient addition to your home, UltraRoofs are the ideal solution. This product has been carefully designed to fit onto preexisting extensions and conservatories, fitting seamlessly for a perfect finish to your property that’s both thermally efficient and highly weather resistant. It is also able to fit glazed windows, whether you want large panels of glass or smaller windows to afford your property an extra bit of light.

UltraRoofs are an incredibly thermally efficient roofing product, so you may be concerned that installing glass panels in your new conservatory roof would detract from this. However, we have a range of high performing glazing options available for you to choose from, boasting such benefits as the ability to retain heat within your property, and solar reflection. There are also self-cleaning options which can come in very handy with hard to reach roof windows.As well as having the benefits of being aesthetically pleasing, modern and thermally efficient, UltraRoof is also incredibly quick and easy to install, as it doesn’t require structural tie bars, no matter the shape and size of the roof you have. This is the same for all manner of conservatory and extension types, both old and new, modern and traditional.

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Take a look at what some of our happy customers have had done recently. Here's a few of our roof projects

Full Height Solid Roof Conservatory

The glass to floor feature of this large conservatory could also be though of as an extension or garden room. A red tile roof and along...

Solid Roof Orangery

A distinguished double-hipped solid roof orangery with strong and low maintenance UPVC grey windows and matching French doors and roof windows to make this a stunning,...

Gable End Solid Roof Conservatory

A stylish and elegant gable end solid roof conservatory featuring French doors and made of white low maintenance UPVC material, a dwarf wall base complements your...

Lean-To Solid Roof Replacement

The solid roof is an ideal solution for your lean-to extension. Made from high-quality metrotile this solid roof will keep your extended space well insulated all...

Grey Solid Roof Replacement

Needing a replacement roof for this conservatory, this customer chose a solid grey metrotile roof, in a Victorian style to add a touch of elegant for...

Solid Roof Replacement

The difference that a roof can make is clear to see in the case of this extension. A brown Metrotile roof gives this property a more...

Gable Conservatory

A solid-roofed gable conservatory is a very modern and attractive option for the home, and for this reason it is an incredibly popular conservatory choice. The glazed gable-end of this conservatory style allows large amounts of natural light to enter the home, meaning you have the light and airiness of the outside world, without compromising on insulation and the peaceful ambience of your own home. The 2-facet structure of a gable conservatory makes the installation of UltraRoof products incredibly simple, and its roof is the perfect base to install this product. The tiles of this system come in a range of colours, such as greys, browns and reds and once the installation is complete, an plastered interior finish makes the room cosy and inviting. If you choose to, you can also add panels of rectangular glazed areas in your new roof, to further brighten the interior space of your gable conservatory. You can choose to place these at the gable ends, directly above you or positioned at a point in your conservatory where you achieve the most light throughout the day.


Lean-To Conservatory

A lean to conservatory is a simple and quick way to add extra space to your home, and is a popular type of conservatory, especially for those properties with less space to install a conservatory readily available. Those conservatories fitted with an UltraRoof are simple yet effective in their appearance, giving your property an impressive and attractive finish. The slanted roof that this product features means it is ideal for showcasing the attractive qualities of the UltraRoof product, showcasing the colour options you can choose from, including red, brown and grey colour options. This way you are also able to view the authentic looking texture of the UltraRoof slates, which, though engineered, look incredibly similar to real stone tiles. However, these tiles are a massive improvement on traditional roofing options, being low-maintenance and incredibly thermally efficient. Once you’ve decided on the colour of your roofing tiles, you also have the option of installing glazed window sections, which can help to add an extra dimension to the overall look of your conservatory. The glazing options that we use have a host of benefits to help you make your decision, including being able to retain heat and reflect glare from the sun. This means there’s no need to worry that installing windows in the roof of your new UltraRoof will detract from the overall thermal efficiency of your newly improved conservatory. Deciding on installing windows in your lean-to conservatory will bring a while new dimension to this extension, affording you perfectly framed views of the sky above, whilst not detracting from the temperature within.


Edwardian Conservatory

More traditional conservatories that come with older properties tend to be of an Edwardian style, as this was particularly popular in the recent past, especially in the 90’s and the beginning of the 2000’s. Though attractive, this conservatory style can look a little dated when paired with the common translucent polycarbonate roof sheeting that is often found on conservatories of this type. To bring your Edwardian conservatory up to date and in keeping with the aesthetic you wish to have both on the inside and exterior of your home, an UltraRoof is the ideal solution. To add an UltraRoof to your Edwardian conservatory there will need to be one fully solid section, but otherwise we will use the existing base, walls, windows and doors to fit your new roof. An Edwardian conservatory uses a lot of glass windows in order to achieve that traditional look and, when partnered with the thermal efficiency of an UltraRoof, you have a room that is not only the perfect temperature all year round, but is also filled with natural light, and fantastic views.

Victorian Conservatory

Traditional in style, like Edwardian conservatories, a Victorian conservatory presents a softer appearance, helped by its rounded bay front, which is made of 3 to 5 sides. No matter how many sides your Victorian conservatory has, our UltraRoof system will be adaptable to its shape, to make sure you don’t have to sacrifice your traditional style to have a conservatory that’s the perfect temperature all year round. The UltraRoof tiles are specially adapted so that they not only retain their striking colour over the years, but are also incredibly resistant to splits and cracks, as well as increasing the thermal efficiency of your property. You have the option of choosing between brown, red, or grey roof slates, with each section joined together by either a traditional ridge cap that matches the appearance and texture of your chosen roof tiles, or an aluminium ridge cap which will provide a more modern finish to your conservatory. If you like the idea of increasing the thermal efficiency of your conservatory or home extension but don’t wish to sacrifice the amount of natural light you receive in your home then there’s no need to worry. Rectangular glass panels can be easily added into the conservatory roof, meaning you receive just as much light as you previously did, with your glass or polycarbonate roof.


UltraRoof ensures your temperature stays manageable all year round, hot or cold.

A solid roof conservatory is an attractive option for homeowners looking to invest in a way to increase the space in their home, or for those who wish to increase the thermal effectiveness of their existing conservatory. Most homeowners that invest in such an addition to their home do so because they wish to achieve a more thermally efficient extension, which manages to keep a constant comfortable temperature all year round. Those conservatories that still have polycarbonate or glass roofs tend to be too cold in winter, and too hot in summer and by fitting an UltraRoof in place of these roofs you’ll find that the temperature of your conservatory will be dramatically improved, meaning you have a comfortable place to relax in, no matter the weather outside.

When it comes to increasing the temperature control in your conservatory, there really is no better product than UltraRoof. With the capability of achieving an enviable heat loss value of 0.12 W/m²K, this roofing solution is one of the most thermally efficient systems available on the market, whilst also being incredibly lightweight and versatile for different styles of conservatories. In addition to this, you can also add glazed panels to your roof if you wish, with an array of options available to suit your various purposes.


The best and most advanced roofing solution available.

Designed first and foremost as a replacement roofing system for pre-existing conservatory and extensions that currently have glass or polycarbonate roofs, UltraRoof is a lightweight, thermally effective product that’s ideal for your home. If you’re looking to replace the roof on your existing extension or conservatory then you may have some question about the process and what this entails. In a typical replacement project, we simply remove the old roof, check the structural stability of the windows and doors, and then finish by fitting your new UltraRoof. If, however, your conservatory is quite old and worn, you may need to have replacement windows and doors as well as a new roof. Fortunately, we can check this for you, and supply you with the necessary renovation so that you have a conservatory that’s perfect to relax in all year round. To do this we retain the conservatory base and work from this point. Usually you will find that replacing your windows and doors in your conservatory will also help to massively increase the thermal efficiency of this room. If you don’t yet have a conservatory but are looking to install one, then we would be more than happy to help you out with this project.

Replacement Roof

If you’re fortunate enough to already have a conservatory on your property then you can minimise the cost of renovating it by purchasing an UltraRoof. Fitting an UltraRoof to your conservatory is straightforward and doing so means you can retain the existing base, windows and doors which greatly brings down the cost of a conservatory renovation. These existing parts to your conservatory are usually fine, but we will check all parts of your conservatory before adding your new roof, to make sure it’s structurally sound. As soon as we’ve done the necessary checks and followed procedure then we will swiftly move into fitting your new UltraRoof, which takes less time than you would expect. In fact, a watertight and weatherproof covering can be completed within 2-3 hours and the entire roof itself can be finished within the space of a working day. Once completed, you’ll be able to notice the temperature in your conservatory change dramatically for the better.


Frames & Roof

In the last 5-10 years the standard of the windows and door that we can how have installed in our homes has greatly improved, meaning that they not only look better, but are also better at trapping heat in the home and keeping your home secure and safe at all times. For this reason many homeowners tend to also replace their existing conservatory windows and doors when undertaking a re-roofing project with UltraRoof. If you’re looking to choose windows and doors in unique colours to either match or stand out from the rest of your property then we have what you need. We also have a range of different windows and door styles available, to best suit your personal style and needs. These included anything from casement or tilt & turn windows to bi-fold or french window doors. These new additions to your  conservatory can be easing fitted into your existing conservatory base, meaning you don’t have to worry about extensive remodelling times and costs.


New Build

Most UltraRoof fittings occur on older conservatories, whose roofs aren’t as thermally effective as their modern counterparts. However, if you have a new build extension or conservatory you can also have an UltraRoof fitted, which will help to make your new living space even more thermally effective and keep it weatherproof and comfortable for years to come. Fitting an UltraRoof to your new build project is simple and stress-free, and is actually one of the quickest steps of a new build process that you will experience. Each UltraRoof product is made in the factory to the specification needed, depending on your conservatory or extension type. This means that the installation process is quick and there is little wastage after the installation is complete. Our expert roof installers can work to produce a watertight room in only one day, meaning the plastering and decorating that you wish to have can begin much sooner than you may expect.

Roof slates in any colour you wish for your home…

The UltraRoof roofing system is durable and weather resistant, using low maintenance polymer slates, that manage to look remarkably like traditional stone roofing tiles, that have been used for hundreds of years. These polymer roofing slates can be fitted rapidly by installing 12 slates at a time, so that you have the ideal conservatory roof in mere days. When it comes to choosing the ideal UltraRoof for you and your home, there are a range of colours to choose from, including carbon grey, harvest brown and terra brick. To finish off the installation of your roof we will also fit ridge caps, which come in two styles; an ‘armadillo’ style ridge cap which will blend in with you tiles and help to give your conservatory a more traditional look, and an aluminium cap for a contemporary aesthetic.

When it comes to choosing your slate colour, choosing a shade that matches the main roof of your property is a wise choice, as is choosing one which is similar to the shade of your glazing. If you’re looking to install panels of glazing in your new UltraRoof then we offer coloured options, in tints of bronze, aqua and blue, all of which have various benefits such as solar reflection and self-cleaning properties.


There’s no need to worry about building regulations…

As a Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS) product, UltraRoof is a highly approved and recommended roofing system, meaning that the process of achieving approval for renovations using this product will be easier and quicker, too. If your project requires building regulations approval before you can begin then there’s no need to worry; in many instances our design consultants will be able to manage this part of the process for you, and if they cant they will certainly be able to talk you through the various steps that are needed to gain approval. As UltraRoof is such an approved roofing system, it’s recognised by local authorities as being both safe and suitable for a wide array of different renovation projects, which means you will often get fast approval for any work involving it. Gaining Building Regulations approval can often sound like a big problem but we will do most of the work on your behalf so that your new roof can be installed as quickly as possible, leaving you with a comfortable and attractive space to relax in.

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