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A Fantastic Entrance to Your Home

A well-designed porch that is in-tune with your home is one of the easiest, most affordable investments you can make. Providing everyday functionality, a porch helps keep you home more clutter-free, as well as providing a practical and versatile transfer area between the outside of your home and the inside. Understanding that every home is unique, here at Visual Conservatories, Windows & Doors we offer an outstanding variety of porches for you to choose from. Providing bespoke porch designs, we guarantee our made-to-measure, cheap UPVC porches will create a stylish and practical entrance to your home.


Superior Home Security

Serving as an additional barrier to the outside, a well-constructed porch provides exceptional security for your home. Featuring dog bolts, the latest multi-point locking mechanisms and strong durable finishes, our porches are inaccessible from the outside when locked. We have options such as aluminium and UPVC doors and frames, as well as a variety of solid roof options such as slate and tile. As a result, your new porch will be as warm and inviting as the rest of your home whilst also helping you to lower your energy bills. In order to reduce how much UPVC porches cost, we strive to offer the lowest UPVC porches prices whilst never compromising on quality or materials.


Your porch installation may be subject to building regulations to ensure that it remains in keeping with your existing house layout. If permission is needed and granted then there’s very little else for you to worry about as our porches are incredibly strong and will help improve the security of your home. All the secure features you would expect of a contemporary window and door, such as multi-point locking systems, security hinges & handles, and dog bolts are all included in the final porch design. This means that you can keep important belongings, ornaments, or whatever else it is that you want inside safe in the knowledge that they are secure.


Porches are utilised in a manner of different ways by homeowners. They’re particularly handy for storing coats, jackets, umbrellas, shoes and other outdoor wear. Therefore, it is important that they offer the same level of energy efficiency as the rest of your property. We ensure is possible by equipping them with double glazed windows and thermally efficient doors and roofing systems.

Cost Effective

There’s no doubt that a porch attached to your home can enhance its overall outlook, but that’s rarely what motivates someone to invest in one. It’s more because it gives you an additional area where you can safely store any personal items that may presently be taking up essential space inside your home; thereby helping to reduce clutter. Large families and those who regularly invite people around will find a porch to be particularly useful and you’d be surprised at just how affordable a porch installation can be.

Our tiles have a strength and toughness to them that exceeds the expectations…

We offer two types of Warm Roof covering, lightweight tile and lightweight slate. Our lightweight tiles come in five varied colours, whilst our lightweight slate looks virtually identical to natural slate such is the amount of time and effort put into its production. Both are completely weather-proof and maintenance-free.

Lightweight Tile

There’s no denying that traditional slate when first fitted looks exceptionally pleasing on the eye. However, as time goes by it often cracks and loses the visual appeal it once had. Our lightweight tiles are designed to endure; thereby suffering no such problems, even years down the line. These tiles also look exactly like the real thing thanks to their incredible detail; with curves and peaks present throughout the material. An impressive 20 colours are available, including plum, brick red, stone black and pewter grey.

Lightweight Slate

A lightweight tile is all its takes to secure warmth in conservatories, orangeries, porches and other types of home extension. Taking very little time to install, there is also virtually no maintenance. When it comes to colour, you can choose from umber, green, charcoal, red and ebony.

Colours to Complement

Our lightweight tiles can perfectly match existing roof tiles thanks to the choice of 5 colours we have available. Don’t be put off by the word ‘lightweight’ though as it offers a similar level of durability to that of stone-coated steel.

Planning Permission

Generally, most porches are classed as being a ‘permitted development’ and not subject to any planning permission requirements. This means the installation process can be conducted quickly and efficiently. Porches categorised as being a permitted development meet the following guidelines; (1) the internal ground floor area does not exceed three square metres; (2) no part of the porch is more than three metres above ground level; (3) no part of the porch is within two metres of any boundary of the dwelling and the highway.

Building Regulations

Likewise to planning permission, most porches are exempt from building regulations if they are less than thirty square metres in size when measured internally. The main front entrance door between the existing house and new porch much remain in situ, and the new porch must not adversely affect any ramped or levelled access. Needless to say the fitting of glazing and any fixed electrical installations much comply with the relevant section of building regulations.

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Why Choose us?


From design and brickwork to complete installation, including guttering, drainpipes, internal plasterwork and electrics, we can help you realise your porch ideas. Having served homeowners in and around West Yorkshire for nearly 20 years, we are proud to offer the biggest selection of UPVC porches for sale in the area. Providing a complete service; from initial design to the installation of any electrics, we can also take care of any possible planning permission there maybe; ensuring you get your new porch as quickly and easy as possible.