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20 Years Of Quality - Visual Offers An Industry-Leading Guarantee

It’s not until you go looking for windows, doors or an extension online for the first time that you realise just how many home improvement companies there are. 

House Extension - Bi-Folding Doors

There’s countless one-man-bands. There’s dozens of local specialists. And there’s also loads of big-name nationals.

Though we’re bound to say this, we believe that Visual is as good as any of them, and it’s a justified claim when you factor in all of our qualities. 

It’s coming up to two decades now since Visual first began servicing householders in West Yorkshire (that’s a long time in our industry), and over that period, we have developed a very formidable reputation. 

You will also struggle to come across another company in the area that has such an extensive range of home improvement solutions, and such wide-ranging knowledge of windows, doors and extensions. 

We also know the area incredibly well as most of our team live here. And this is before we even mention our guarantee. 

A 10-year guarantee is about the best you can expect from most home improvement companies, but you get another 10 years on top of that at Visual – a 20-year guarantee!

If you look into the guarantees of most companies in our industry, you will see for yourself that a 10-year guarantee is the norm. But we think our customers deserve more. 

We know that our products can last for 20 years or more because of the standard of the materials and machinery we use to build them, and because we have tested them again, and again, and again. 

It seems an obvious thing to point out, but you therefore get far greater value for money than you would get if you bought an equivalent product from elsewhere with just a 10-year guarantee. 

And we always honour our guarantees. If a product failure occurs inside the guarantee period, we provide speedy aftercare and fix the issue for FREE.

Contact us and get great cover, mixed in with great service, from Visual today. 

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