We can do better than give you the usual standard guarantee of 10 years. Customers of Visual receive a 20-year guarantee with their conservatory, orangery, or home extension. Getting two decades of peace of mind will instil confidence in you when buying.


Your home will never look or feel quite the same again after the installation of a luxurious living space or home extension. It needs to be right though, and it will be as we never cut corners.

A great guarantee is essential, but some trading companies don’t offer one or supply a guarantee that isn’t insurance backed. Visual’s guarantee is unbeatable as it lasts for 20 years and is an Insurance Backed Guarantee – we settled on a 20-year guarantee as we know that our living spaces and home extensions can last and perform for at least this length of time. We also use the best materials and components that we can get, and our manufacturing standards are up there with anyone.

Windows Guarantee


Offering such an extensive guarantee is consistent with our Environmental Policy. Each home extension built by Visual is manufactured for a lifetime of use so that our customers don’t have to upgrade or replace it, saving them money and helping to save the environment thanks to reduced carbon emissions and any unnecessary over consumption.

Most people will only buy a home extension once in their life and do so at a significant cost, so that’s why they deserve a 20-year guarantee as a minimum. If we were in your shoes, we would accept nothing less than 20 years of cover to make your investment worry-free.

Windows Guarantee


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