Make the biggest possible energy savings for your Yorkshire home…
Go that extra step and trust in triple glazing…

In the search for more effective, energy efficient windows, various new glazing options have appeared. One of the best of these is triple glazing. Simply featuring 3 panes of glass, this window looks almost identical to traditional double glazing. However, with each pane of glass separated by an insulation gas, triple glazed windows offer unrivalled insulation.

Triple glazing has risen in popularity in recent years because of its outstanding performance and the very real benefits it can bring to your home and energy bills. Stopping heat loss and preventing cold from entering, triple glazed windows are also very good at eliminating outside noises.

White Extreme UPVC Windows
Your heating system will be able to take more of a backseat…

20 years is the minimum expected life span of our triple glazed windows and over those two decades you can expect to save lots of money on energy bills. You can leave your boiler dormant more regularly as the windows will bring in warmth from the outside and keep it stored inside to keep you lovely and toasty.

Over those two decades, they’ll pretty much pay for themselves, and your bank account will confirm as much. Energy isn’t getting any cheaper, so now is the time to safeguard against future price rises.

Triple Glazing Windows
Draughts will permanently disappear from your living space upon the installation of triple glazing…

The internal atmosphere will be changed by triple glazing as it will have a much cosier feel – no more draughts or cold spots, anywhere. The days when you’d have to wrap up to keep warm will be gone forever and you will be grateful to the windows for that.

Making a commitment to triple glazed windows will also lower your home’s current carbon footprint, so you can take pride in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to help the planet. What you will like the most though is how fantastically the windows insulate your interior, as they will do for 20 years or more.

Triple Glazing Windows
It doesn’t take much figuring out that the extra pane of glass in a triple glazed window makes it extra secure…

Home security needs to be taken seriously – if you take your eye off the ball, you’re inviting trouble! Visual puts security first with all window products and our triple glazed windows are no exception as the panes are internally glazed to make it impossible to remove them from the outside of a house. A hugely secure lock is also integrated into the system.

It will be a nice feeling to leave the house unoccupied with total confidence that your windows will sufficiently protect it. There’s no moving them when they’re locked.

Triple Glazing Windows
A third pane of glass, by definition, makes triple glazing much harder to break than a double glazed window...

By introducing a third pane of glass to your windows you will be cutting the risk of anyone being able to obtain access to your property without your permission. Visual internally glaze all triple glazed windows so that removing the glass from the outside becomes an impossibility and fit each and every window with one of the most robust locking systems on the market.

Each and every time you leave your home unoccupied you will be able to do so with confidence safe in the knowledge that triple glazing is forming a reliable barrier between your property and the outside world.

Energy Efficient Windows


At the point you decide on a window style, it then needs to be customised. It can be personalised in several ways as we have a multitude of coloured finishes, glazing options and hardware.

An eclectic palette to say the least…

White coloured UPVC windows will never go out of fashion. However, times have changed, and window design has evolved, meaning that UPVC can now be finished in virtually any colour you can think of. We undertake an intense paint production process which allows us to create contemporary colours such as Chartwell Green and Grey, as well as traditional finishes like Whitegrain and Irish Oak.

Such a wide and exciting array of finishes, colours, and combinations...

An 11-stage powder coating process is applied to all our Contemporary Aluminium windows. For people wanting the look of traditional timber but without any of the problems or high maintenance, we have created an incredible range of woodgrain finishes. With a process called sublimination, we can offer finishes in Walnut, Rosewood and Oak that are almost identical to the real thing.

Ticking the boxes of style and privacy…

The glass is integral to the overall window performance, so you really need to consider what you want your new windows provide before you advise us of your choice of glass. We have everything you could want, from clear glass to privacy glass, and with both options, you can expect to profit from a fabulous view. The Visual team can always help with this if you’re not sure what glass to choose.

Privacy Glazing – There are certain rooms in your house where privacy is paramount – we’re thinking about areas such bathrooms and bedrooms. For window installations in these spots, we recommend including privacy glazing to limit what those on the outside can see as they look in.

Perfectly turned-out handles…

The look of our traditional and contemporary-styled handles will get you itching to operate your new windows – the standard of craftsmanship is quite something.

Each handle has a secure locking system. Once this locking system is engaged, the windows won’t budge an inch.


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