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Nearly 20 Years In Home Improvements - Visual Is A Company To Trust

5th February 2021

Very few industries are as competitive as the home improvement sector. There is an array of window and door companies locally and nationally, and you have to be incredibly good at what you do to remain in business.  Close to hitting the milestone of 20 years of involvement in the sector, Visual Conservatories,  and Windows...

Home Improvement Projects That Can Cause The Value Of Your Home To Drop

3rd February 2021

It seems an obvious thing to say, but you should only ever make improvements to your home that are known to increase the value of a property.  We gave you some good examples of on-trend enhancements that will do this in a blog post last month.  You never want to be doing something that could...

3 Sure-Fire Ways Of Reducing The Cost Of Energy Bills

14th January 2021

One of the biggest outgoings for many families at the moment will be the cost of their energy bills. Powering those devices while working from home and using more heating than usual, will be adding to the cost.  It’s a major financial concern for some. And with experts predicting that the average annual fuel bill...

3 Home Trends To Take Note Of When Improving Your Home In 2021

7th January 2021

Did you compile a list of New Year resolutions before the end of 2020? Maybe one of them was to improve your home, and if it was, you mustn’t break it! There’s never been a better time to give your home some attention, so it’s time to think up a few ideas of what you...

Visual Says Thank You And Merry Christmas To Its Customers

25th December 2020

2020 will be a year that no-one will ever forget, including everyone working at Visual.  When the first lockdown was announced, we did worry whether people would have an interest in our products at such a difficult time, but thankfully, they definitely did. It was unbelievable how much customers supported us, and it kept us...

How To Decorate Your Home Fashionably For The Festive Season

1st December 2020

We’re refusing to let the prospect of an unconventional Christmas dampen our spirits and are determined to get that usual festive fever.  You should be similarly-minded and drum up excitement ahead of the big day by decorating your house, really going to town on it this time around.  It will put a smile on Santa’s...

3 Great Ways To Improve Your Home Ahead Of The Winter

11th November 2020

With only essential shops open at the present time, we’re getting to see an awful lot of our homes again.  We’d all love to be out and about, of course, and we will hopefully be allowed to again soon, but for the time being, home is where we’ll be most often.  So that time doesn’t...

20 Years Of Quality - Visual Offers An Industry-Leading Guarantee

22nd October 2020

It’s not until you go looking for windows, doors or an extension online for the first time that you realise just how many home improvement companies there are.  There’s countless one-man-bands. There’s dozens of local specialists. And there’s also loads of big-name nationals. Though we’re bound to say this, we believe that Visual is as...

How To Keep Thieves Out Of Your House

6th October 2020

The long, light summer days almost seem like a distant memory. It’s beginning to turn dark really early now and will do so even more once the clocks go back in a few weeks.  Most home burglaries take place when it’s dark, so you need to do everything you can to stop your home from...

Do You Know That Visual Has A 97% Customer Recommendation Rate?

28th September 2020

We always like to find out why a customer has decided to come to Visual for their home improvements.  Sometimes it’s just down to them doing a search on Google for reputable local home improvement companies or through them seeing an advert, but it’s more often the case that they have been recommended to us...

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