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Find Yourself Some Finance At Visual

24th January 2020

Are you dying to have energy efficient windows added at home or could you do with a conservatory to extend your current space? If so, what’s stopping you? It could be down to money, especially at this time of the year, which we totally understand. But, don’t ditch or delay those dreams just yet, at...

What Will Be The Top Home Trends For 2020?

23rd January 2020

Your Christmas decorations should be down and packed away by now and the inside of your house probably feels quite bare and empty because of it. Seeing your interior in its post-Christmas state may give you the impetus you need to modify and enhance its appearance. You won’t be on your own as thousands of...

5 Ways To Get Saving Energy For Big Energy Saving Week

16th January 2020

Most things in life seem to be getting more expensive, and household energy costs certainly fit into that category. As of April 2019, the average dual fuel variable tariff was £1,254 a year. This figure dwarfs the cost of the annual average energy bill back in the noughties, and who knows how much higher energy...

Visual’s January Sale Has Now Launched!

9th January 2020

Just because Christmas is over, we don’t want our customers to feel gloomy. So, we thought we’d lift the spirits of all of those thinking of proceeding with home improvements this January by launching a huge sale. Whether it’s new windows and doors you want, or you came to the realisation over Christmas that you...

How To Get Your Conservatory Ready For Christmas Day

21st December 2019

Whether it’s your first time cooking the Christmas dinner or you’re a tab hand at it, you’ll probably be starting to feel the pressure a little bit as the day fast approaches. So long as you’re well-prepared, it will be a huge success.  Go and get the most important thing of all first – the...

Transform Your House Front With Our Festive Decorating Guide

20th December 2019

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway and with less than a week to go, there’s no doubt you’ll probably want to start finalising any last minute plans. From writing out the Christmas cards to ordering the turkey, picking out the tree and decorating your home, there’s a lot to do in the...

Merry Christmas And A Thank You From Visual

19th December 2019

How on earth is it almost Christmas? It might be because we’ve been so busy over the last 12 months that it feels as though it has come around so quickly. Ahead of Santa taking to his sleigh, we have been reminiscing and reflecting on a fantastic 2019 for Visual. We’ve been in business for...

Do You Buy A Composite Door Or UPVC Door For Your Home?

11th November 2019

Your existing front door might have been sitting in your entranceway for many years, so if it needs replacing, you must be careful about what kind of door you exchange it for. It’s not just the colour that’s important, but also the door material, as the last thing you want is for any new door...

Are You Living With Windows That Fail To Keep The Weather Out?

8th November 2019

All we want at this time of the year is a bit of cosiness in our lives, particularly when we’re chilling out at home during the cold winter months.  If that’s a luxury you’re not fortunate enough to enjoy, and all you feel each time you go put your feet up indoors is frosty, you...

Extending Is Made Easy With Visual…

24th October 2019

If you’re getting increasingly desperate for more space at home, and even a thorough decluttering fails to free up enough floor room, perhaps it’s worth thinking about extending the place. Visual is an expert at building home and kitchen extensions. They’ll give you so much more freedom and we’ll sympathetically construct the extension so that...

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