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How To Get A Comforting Cottage Atmosphere At Your Home

How to give your home a cottage look and feel

What thoughts immediately spring to mind when you think of cottages? For us, we imagine a cosy, warm atmosphere, perfect for getting snug in during the winter months. 

If you would love to experience a cottage-like lifestyle, you don’t need to live in a cottage to enjoy it as you can just introduce touches that give it that sort of look and feel. 

This applies whether you reside in an uber-modern apartment block or the most traditional of properties. 

Here’s what you need to do:

The feel: create a warm atmosphere inside

Establishing warmth in your home is the key to it all, and in winter you need warmth more than anything. 

Crank up your fire and lay out throws and blankets on any furniture that you have so that family members can cosy underneath them. You’ll also need thermally efficient windows and doors to keep the heat sealed in. 

If your windows and doors do a good job of retaining heat, it will enable you to keep fire use to a minimum – good for your wallet and good for the environment. 

Over time, new windows and doors will help you save a fortune on energy bills as your heating can take a backseat more often.

Internal shot of a grey window

The look: go for the cottagecore aesthetic

Once your home is warm and cosy, it’s then time to re-evaluate your decor and change it. 

Switching to a cottagecore aesthetic would make sense, a movement that home renovators are going crazy for right now. 

Inspired by a romanticised interpretation of western agricultural life, you can establish cottagecore with things like floral patterns and prints, introducing them to rooms through soft furnishings such as curtains and valances, wallpaper and drawer knobs. 

To accomplish the cottage-effect externally, look towards pastel-coloured windows and doors, which will give the house a vibrancy even in the poorest winter weather. Georgian windows would be great for encapsulating the look, and you can put fresh flowers in jugs to display on window sills.

A bedroom area

If your existing windows and doors look like they’re from a bygone era for all the wrong reasons, request a copy of our Window and Door brochure.

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