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3 Ways Of Increasing The Value Of Your Home

No-one can be quite sure of the impact our impending exit from the European Union will have on the UK housing market – will it cause house prices to drop, stagnate or rise?

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Who knows what will happen; we cannot give householders a definitive answer. All we can recommend is that the most sensible move any homeowner can make at the moment is to continue making appropriate improvements to their home so that they’re in ownership of a valuable property whatever emerges post-Brexit.

It doesn’t matter whether you have zero intention of moving anytime soon or plan to sell up in 2019, you should regularly be plotting ways of improving your home’s value as it will pay off.

You will inevitably have a more valuable home when you act upon what we believe are three of the best home improvement ideas…

  1. Install a conservatory

We have a very wide selection of conservatories with conservatory styles to suit all property types and the added spaciousness a conservatory brings is always a plus point.

The conservatory should be completely in keeping with the age and character of the house to the extent where it looks as though it was built at the same time of the house. When it does, you can expect it to add a minimum of 5% to the valuation of a property.

  1. Replace your old windows and old front door

How does your home look on the outside at first sight? Its appearance will live and die by the condition of your existing windows and front door and if they aren’t as pretty as they used to be, they need to be exchanged for modern equivalents.

Shiny new windows and a beautiful new front door will do so much for your home and not just enhance aesthetics – they’ll make such a lasting first impression on those that come to visit.

  1. Update your kitchen

The real heart of the home nowadays isn’t the living room as growing number of families now use their kitchen space for relaxing together, watching TV etc. – cooking and eating are no longer all that goes in the kitchen.

If you can afford it, invest in a new kitchen, if you can’t, make simple adjustments to your current kitchen by changing its colour scheme, installing new worktops and/or buying new kitchen appliances (fridge, toaster, kettle etc.)


There’s lots of value to be had in appointing an experienced firm like Visual to help you create a better home. Arrange an appointment and we can put our heads together to make it happen.




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