Sales Tactics To Look Out For So You Don’t Get Mis-Sold To

You may have landed on our website because you are currently in the process of trying to find a window and door specialist who can help you improve your home. 

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Visual would certainly love to do that for you, and we have a reputation that’s as good as our many quality products. 

Of course, we appreciate that you will want to look into other companies too. Whilst doing that, please ensure that you don’t get pulled in by any dubious sales tactics employed by some installers, who will go to whatever lengths they can to secure your business. 

These are the sorts of selling strategies to watch out for:

Price conditioning

Do you have a rough idea of what it will cost you to buy new windows and doors? Most people don’t, and a salesperson may try and exploit that, using a tactic called price conditioning. 

They will just give you a quote and insist that you won’t find a better price elsewhere, but that’s not necessarily the case. 

Fake discounts

You should always obtain at least three quotes and never go with the first quote you receive. 

To put you off getting a number of quotes, a salesperson may invent a discount on the spot and say that you must take it or leave it, there and then. 

It won’t be the impressive discount that they make out it is. 

Large price drop

Sometimes, a salesperson may actually significantly over-quote you to purposely stun you with a price. 

They do it so that they can gauge your reaction. If they see your eyes widen and jaw drop, their next move will be to massively reduce the price to make it seem they are doing you a favour and giving you the discount of a lifetime. 


If questioned by a salesperson and asked “what do you want to pay for new windows and doors?”, it might be an effort to judge what price to quote you. 

As we said earlier, get several quotes so that you can get an idea of what they should cost, rather than go in completely blind. 

We’re always straight with our customers at Visual, and would never dream of fooling people. You will find out how honest we are when you contact us for a chat. 


We’d love to see you in our Mirfield showroom, where you can sit down with one of our very experienced consultants and chat through all the requirements you have.


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