How To Brighten Your Home With Colour

How to use colour in your home

Is your home feeling a little drab this February?

With daylight savings over a month away, it’s time to get creative with colour to brighten up your home.

There are many ways to enrich your space with colour, paying special attention to your windows and doors, walls and home accessories.

Colourful windows & doors 

Colour is a useful tool. By selecting the right shades for your home, you can improve your mood and make your home feel spacious or cosy (depending on what you’re wanting to achieve).

Turn your attention to your windows and doors. If they are white, you may be missing an opportunity to enhance your home with colour.

For the feeling of warmth in your home, choose warm colours for your doors, window frames and treatments, such as mahogany.

Colourful window treatments

Colourful paint

If your TV unit stand, bookcase or walls could benefit from a new lease of life, why not add a lick of paint? Experiment with bright shades and avoid cream, ivory or magnolia.

Stay away from high contrast colours that clash and study the colour wheel to find colours that go well together. 

Adjacent on the colour wheel, harmonising colours present the perfect colour schemes for your home, each with their own advantage. For instance, the colour scheme of green, blue and cyan will give your home a peaceful and relaxing feel.

Colourful paint

Colourful accessories

If you are struggling to settle on one colour scheme and you would prefer to experiment with a variety of different colours instead, enhance your home with colour in the form of cushions, rugs, blankets and throws.

This way if you feel like changing your colour scheme every season – you can!

Colourful accessories

See the full scope of Visual’s colour options in our brochure here. You’ll find a full spectrum of colourful finishes available for your windows and doors.


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