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Looking To Extend Your Home? Think About These 3 Things First

Things to think about when extending your home

If you’d like a bigger and better home this year, but have no desire to move, extending your house could be the way to go. 

Visual provides a range of home extensions, including kitchen extensions should you be a keen cook who’d love to make their kitchen the focal area of the house.

When the space is available for an extension, we will get it incorporated without the slightest bit of hassle. You will find seeing the extension come to life so thrilling. 

Prior to building it though, some considerations must be made first so that everything goes to plan:

Do you know what your budget is?

The type of extension you can have will largely depend on how much you can afford to spend on it, so you need to figure out a budget.

Look through your bank accounts, current outgoings etc. and with a calculator, work out what you could pay to purchase an extension. 

As soon as you have arrived at a final figure, tell the team at Visual and we can create some designs that match the price.

An extension with French doors

Are you going to need planning permission?

With a Permitted Development, you do not need to apply for planning permission as it means that the single-storey extension complies with a certain set of limits and conditions. 

To find out if you have Permitted Development Rights for an extension, you just need to have a discussion with your local authority. 

A separate matter to planning permission is building regulations approval, which you may also require. Your local building control officer can advise on this.

An extension with planning permission

Is there value in extending?

You will benefit from more space as a consequence of installing an extension, and you will also want to benefit from a more valuable property because of its presence. 

Exactly how much value your extension will provide will come down to its size, whereabouts your home is located, the standard of design and build-quality etc. 

We have fitted many extensions over the years, so we can give you an accurate estimate of how much value it could potentially inject into your property.

A black and white conservatory

Your home extension will be expertly planned when it’s organised with the help of Visual. Contact us and we can start the project together today.

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