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How Bi-Folding Doors Will Bring Your Garden Indoors

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to move freely from the inside of your house to your garden, and vice-versa, this summer as and when you get the urge to? Unimpeded indoor-outdoor living is achievable by integrating bi-folding doors into a suitable aperture at the rear of your house or inside the surrounds of any home extension you have.

Bi-folding doors will remove the barrier that currently exists between the two settings each time you fold them open like a concertina until they reach the end point of the tracking system. The opening created will give you added motivation to get the barbecue firing and allow the kids to run out and start playing in the open air. You will also get a welcome breeze and surge of natural light entering into your indoor living space, almost making it feel like double its normal size.

That light won’t be lost when the doors are closed thanks to the unbelievably large glass panes that sit inside of the sleek aluminium framework. They’re the biggest windows you could hope for.

For space-saving purposes, you can have the doors open outwardly so that they don’t take up any space inside of your home whenever they’re operated.

Opening them is half the fun. To look at them you would imagine it needing plenty of exertion to get them moving, but you only actually need to give a bi-fold the gentlest of pushes to make the entire door float across.

It will very quickly become second nature to push the bi-folds open to make your patio / garden feel like an extension of your house whenever you fancy enjoying breakfast, brunch or lunch outside.

Blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors at your home with anything from a 2-pane to a 7-pane bi-folding door. When bought from Visual, your bi-fold comes with an industry-leading 20 year guarantee. Click here for a FREE quote.


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