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UPVC And Aluminium - The Facts Behind Both Of These Materials

Our extensive product range consists of a wide selection of home improvement offerings manufactured using both UPVC and aluminium. 

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They’re both fantastic building materials and ideal for creating quality windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries and more. 

As a customer, you may well be thinking which of the two am I best off investing my money in, UPVC products or aluminium products? 

It’s a good question and one that’s difficult to answer. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. If we give you some insight into UPVC and aluminium, it may help you decide.


To call the weather in this country temperamental would be an understatement! Your windows and doors need to be equipped to deal with the copious amounts of rainfall we receive. 

UPVC windows and doors are completely weatherproof, so you won’t feel the weather inside your home, and they won’t exhibit signs of ageing or diminished performance. As for cleaning them, it couldn’t be easier. Just give the frame a wipe with a wet cloth and any dirt that’s gathered on it will disappear – no repainting, ever! 

Cost-wise, UPVC products are fantastic value for money. They certainly don’t cost the earth. You will get years of stylish aesthetics and performance out of them. 


Aluminium windows, doors and conservatories have a very different look to their UPVC counterparts. The aluminium frame is much sleeker, and because of that, you can incorporate a higher volume of glazing into it than a UPVC frame. Though it’s incredibly robust, aluminium is easy to mould, hence why you can shape it so that it offers trim sightlines. 

The finish on an aluminium frame is always very prominent and it’s no wonder as it has a powder-coated finish that requires multiple steps to achieve. 

Any RAL colour can be replicated and incorporated into an aluminium frame, so you have a limitless choice of colours to pick from. 

Delay any decision over UPVC or aluminium until you have visited our Mirfield showroom and seen a host of UPVC and aluminium products with your own eyes.

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