How Your Kids Can Get The Most Out Of Garden Living

It’s the Easter holidays and the sun is shining!

We’re all well aware of how unpredictable the weather can be in this country so when it’s warm and bright you need to grab the opportunity with both hands and there’s no greater place to spend your time than out in the garden.

If you have young children who are off school then there’s absolutely no excuse for them to get bored as the garden presents so many opportunities to keep them occupied.

However, if you are stuck for ideas then the following suggestions should go down a storm with your little ones:


Keeping your children active whilst they’re away from school is very important and playing sport is a fun and enjoyable way of helping them maintain a healthy heart. A game of e.g. cricket, football, tennis, rugby, will get their blood pumping and who knows, you may have the next Steven Gerrard or Andy Murray within your clan.

Water slide

Set-up a water slide that covers virtually the full length of the garden and let your kids take turns sliding down it on their stomachs as it’s guaranteed to get them laughing and will keep them entertained for hours. Just make sure you keep an eye on them. An inflatable swimming pool is a necessity in summer too.


You could go to the local park to do this but if you prefer to stay at home then grab a picnic blanket, make some tasty snacks and sit out in the garden eating together as a family in the mid-day sun. It’s just something a little bit different and will quell any hunger they have from running around. Fancy some hot food? Get a barbecue going and invite round friends of your own and your kids.

Hide and seek

If your garden is big enough and there’s bushes and trees where you can disguise yourself from view then a game of hide and seek is most definitely in order. Remember to count to 10 first though to give everyone chance to find a spot.

When the kids tire you out, treat yourself to a luxurious conservatory or orangery living where you can continue on watching them play.

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