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It's National Home Security Month - Tips To Improve Your Home Security

Every homeowner across West Yorkshire needs to be aware that it’s National Home Security Month, an initiative held each October since 2013 to remind homeowners of the importance of home security.

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It’s a very timely reminder as the UK experienced an increase of 9% in the number of home burglaries committed between 2016 and 2017. You should also know that home burglaries occur every 40 seconds in this country and we really don’t want your residence to be a thief’s next successful target.

So that it isn’t, heighten your home security before winter arrives, a time when thieves are more likely to try their chances.

Take these three steps towards a safer and more secure home…

  1. Install secure windows and doors

The older a traditional window or door gets, the weaker it becomes, making it more easily breakable. Old windows and doors also often feature dated locking systems that are incapable of withstanding outside force. Thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing processes, the modern window / door is better equipped to stand firm against thieves.

Visual’s extensive window and door range is crafted from the most resilient materials (UPVC, aluminium etc.) and each individual design incorporates a very sophisticated multi-point locking mechanism.

  1. Fit a burglar alarm

Getting a burglar alarm fitted is such an obvious thing to do to prevent home theft, but a recent survey by locking experts Yale found that only 30% of British homes are alarmed. It’s an amazing statistic when you consider how great of a deterrent it can be and how it’s likely to make any determined thieves think twice.

A reliable alarm system is worth every penny when you measure it against the cost of replacing your belongings. You can get dummy alarm systems at very little cost, but they’re highly unlikely to deceive thieves.

  1. Organise a house sitter

When you’re away on holiday the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether your home is secure enough. To put your mind at rest, we suggest that you ask someone you trust to look after the place.

This should involve them visiting the house in the morning and at night to open / draw the curtains and remove any post building up in your letterbox. If you’re happy to, ask them if they want to stay for the duration of your holiday. No movement in your curtains and a gathering of post are the types of signs thieves look for when they’re looking to break into somewhere.

Visit a Visual showroom to get secure products like our replacement windows and doors and more invaluable home security advice.


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