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How To Make Your Home Look Frightfully Spooky This Halloween

Spooktacular decorations for your home

There’s still a couple of months or so until Christmas and you don’t have to wait until then to decorate your home as Halloween gives you a great excuse to dress it up for the occasion. 

It seems that every year more and more people get into the spirit of things and pull out all of the stops to spook out the neighbours. 

Some do so at considerable expense, but you don’t need deep pockets to create a spook-tacular look. A few little Halloweeny touches to your windows and doors should do the trick and work a treat.

Autumnal wreath

Wreaths only used to be displayed on front doors at Christmas time, but now you see them on doors regularly, with autumn door wreaths very commonplace nowadays. 

If you have fallen leaves outside, pick them up and use them to make your own autumn wreath. All you will need then is some wire and a visual guide to follow. We won’t tell anyone though if you just go on Etsy and buy a premade wreath.

Autumnal wreath

Eerie entrance

A wreath won’t give people a fright, but what will send a bit of a chill down people’s spines is if you turn your entrance into an eerie sight. 

It’s definitely going to need some pumpkins. Instead of getting yours from the supermarket, have a trip with the kids to a local pumpkin patch and let them pick some out. 

The pumpkins they choose then need to be carved and there are all sorts of stencil designs you can get, from wicked witches to ghoulish ghosts. Place battery-powered tea lights in the pumpkins to bring the design to life. 

Put the pumpkins outside the door, and while you’re at it, roll out a Halloween-inspired doormat, perhaps that says ‘Hey, Pumpkin!’ or the more menacing message of, ‘Turn Back Now’.

Pumpkin patch

Window lights

String lights in your windows will make them a strong focal point and we would suggest displaying lights with red and orange-coloured bulbs for a blood-curdling effect. 

As for your window sills, you could always invest in some mason jars and fill them with fairy lights, which will create a comforting ambience indoors, just what you want when snuggling under a blanket and watching Ghostbusters on TV.

Lights around windows

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