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Home Improvement Projects That Can Cause The Value Of Your Home To Drop

Home improvement projects that can harm the valuation of your property

It seems an obvious thing to say, but you should only ever make improvements to your home that are known to increase the value of a property. 

We gave you some good examples of on-trend enhancements that will do this in a blog post last month. 

You never want to be doing something that could potentially both decrease its value and reduce its buyer appeal. 

So that you avoid this nightmare scenario, Permaframe has picked out some examples of ‘improvements’ that we recommend you don’t use:

Reducing your bedroom count

Having a spare bedroom can come in useful if you have people staying over regularly, but if you don’t, it seems a bit of a waste to just leave it sitting empty. 

Often, spare bedrooms get used for storing ‘junk’, or they get converted into a room of some other kind. 

This is fine, but you shouldn’t permanently get rid of a bedroom. If you do want it to serve another purpose, change its setup in a way that allows you to turn it back into a bedroom.


Putting new carpets down everywhere

Sometimes, you have no other choice but to replace a carpeted area because it has too many marks and stains that you cannot get out. 

It’s more advisable to re-carpet a single room, when it needs it, than to re-carpet the whole house with the same carpeting design.

Though you might love it, others won’t necessarily share the same feelings, and it will cost them a good amount of money to replace it all.

Carpeted area

Taking out your lawn

Not everyone is big on gardening. Many people find it a chore having to mow their lawn every fortnight, and may toy with the idea of having it either removed or covered in some way. 

Don’t do that! Gardens have mass appeal, and it’s always good to have some greenery of some kind. 

If you really have had your fill of cutting the grass, you should look into artificial grass as a substitute. Compared to in the past, most artificial lawns have a near identical look and feel to natural grass.

Garden swing

You will be in no danger of doing any damage to your home’s valuation when you use one of our products to improve it. Get full details on all of our ranges by downloading a FREE brochure.

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