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3 Home Trends To Take Note Of When Improving Your Home In 2021

Did you compile a list of New Year resolutions before the end of 2020? Maybe one of them was to improve your home, and if it was, you mustn’t break it!

There’s never been a better time to give your home some attention, so it’s time to think up a few ideas of what you can do. 

A look at a few interior design websites always helps, where you can discover exciting new trends.

Visual has done that for you though and found 3 great home crazes for 2021 that are well worth following or imitating:


There’s always new home themes emerging and one of the most recent is cottagecore, which grew to prominence during the pandemic. 

It’s easier to see it to understand what it is, but we can explain it best by asking you to try and imagine what living in the countryside would be like. If you’ve seen ‘The Darling Buds of May’, that encapsulates the cottagecore nicely. 

To live in a cottagecore atmosphere like The Larkins, put out your best china on your dresser, introduce floral patterns and prints in rooms, and get a farmhouse table installed in the kitchen.

Home Offices

Many workers have had no other choice but to work from home over the past few months, and home working will go on for them during the first quarter of 2021. 

This had led to a huge surge in demand for home offices and things like ‘foldable desks’. What is imperative to WFH successfully is an atmosphere that encourages productivity. 

Whether having an office added onto your home, or using an attic, kitchen or bedroom as a work space, you need lots of natural light coming in and for it to offer great functionality.


Have you taken a ‘shelfie’ for social media yet? That’s a ‘shelfie’, not a ‘selfie’.

The ‘shelfie’ hashtag is being used a lot on Instagram, and when you click it, images of fancy shelfs from across the world with colourful, interesting objects on them can be seen.

Play around with different arrangements when doing your shelfie, displaying a wide selection of glassware, ceramics, candles, porcelain etc. and get your lighting right when taking the final shot for social.

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