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3 Great Ways To Improve Your Home Ahead Of The Winter

With only essential shops open at the present time, we’re getting to see an awful lot of our homes again. 

We’d all love to be out and about, of course, and we will hopefully be allowed to again soon, but for the time being, home is where we’ll be most often. 

So that time doesn’t drag for you when confined to home, think up ways of improving the house that you can either do yourself now, or ask a company like Visual to help you with.

With winter coming, it would be wise to opt for improvements that will warm up your household, as these following 3 ideas would certainly do:

Have thick, new carpets put in

There’s nothing like the smell of a brand-new carpet, and how it feels on your feet is just as satisfying. 

Replace those old, worn carpets with a much thicker carpeting solution, such as a pure-wool, and ask for extra underlay to help it enhance comfort levels even further. 

Rooms will feel so much warmer once new carpets have been put in due to how they trap heat, which will help save you money on fuel bills. Demand that everyone in the house doesn’t wear footwear so that your carpets stay clean.

Add some cheery colour to a room

If you’ve fallen out of love with your living room or your dining area no longer excites you, a new injection of colour should reinvigorate your appetite for them. 

You could repaint their walls on a dry day and have others in the house help out so that it only takes a day or two to get the job done. 

Because it’s dark outside so early, we would choose a cheery colour, like a gentle orange or soft yellow, and you could also add some of this colour via artwork, fabrics and furniture. 

Install energy efficient windows & doors

It’s normal that your energy bills will get a bit more expensive as the weather gets cold, but they shouldn’t increase in price too much, not if your windows and doors are doing their job properly. 

If you feel any cold draughts in your living space, it’s time that you upgraded to double or triple glazed windows and doors with a high energy rating. 

People are often put off by the cost of new windows and doors, but they need to look at the longer picture and find out how much new windows will save them alone using the GGF’s Energy Saving Calculator.

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