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3 Sure-Fire Ways Of Reducing The Cost Of Energy Bills

One of the biggest outgoings for many families at the moment will be the cost of their energy bills. Powering those devices while working from home and using more heating than usual, will be adding to the cost. 

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It’s a major financial concern for some. And with experts predicting that the average annual fuel bill will be £171 more expensive this year, things could get worse. 

But not if those affected make moves to get these costs down, which they can by taking these 3 courses of action:

Switch to a cheaper tariff

Are you certain that you’re on the best possible energy tariff? You will be able to find out by visiting a comparison site and inputting your current energy usage, or giving this information to a company like ‘Look After My Bills’

Someone who’s never switched energy companies will usually discover they could make a saving of around £300 by changing supplier and tariffs. 

Do a regular price-check to ensure that you’re not paying more than you need to. 

Invest in a brand-new boiler

Boiler systems are a lot more sophisticated nowadays than the older models that are still present in many homes. 

Even with a yearly service, an old boiler won’t come close to providing the level of thermal efficiency that you get from a contemporary boiler. 

It won’t be a cheap buy, but with an A-rated boiler estimated to save you around £340 annually, according to the Energy Saving Trust, it’s a no-brainer to get one. 

Get energy efficient windows and doors fitted

Excess heat loss is the biggest cause of expensive fuel bills, and it’ll be the fault of your windows and doors if too much of it escapes from your home. 

The percentage loss of heat can be reduced by as much as 75% just with the installation of energy efficient windows and doors, if they are specified to the highest energy standards. 

By the time these windows and doors need replacing again (in 20 or so years’), they will have saved you thousands. 

The installation of energy efficient windows and doors is where we come in! Visual can fit them for you, but you need to firstly ask us for a FREE quote.

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