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Conservatory Or Orangery - Which One Shall I Choose?

We’re only a few weeks into 2019 but it already looks like our conservatories and orangeries will be as much in demand as they have been over the past couple of years.

We can only guess that continued instability in the housing market is causing householders to scrap any ideas of moving and prioritise improving their existing residence, and what better way to do it than with either of these stunning extensions.

If you have your eye on extending your home this year, your first job should be to decide whether you would prefer a conservatory or orangery.

Reading some of the Pros and Cons of both may help you make up your mind:

Conservatories (Pros)

  • There isn’t a standard conservatory design as it is important that it complements your property. A host of conservatory styles are available including the timeless Edwardian conservatory, classic Victorian offering, extraordinarily extravagant Loggia or you could have one custom-made. For this reason, you will have no problem finding a style that works.


  • Your chosen conservatory may be considered a ‘Permitted Development’. When this is the case no application for planning permission needs to be submitted as you have an automatic right to build it.


  • The large volume of natural light that travels into a conservatory gives it an amazingly unique ambience that you won’t experience anywhere else in the house.

Conservatories (Cons)

  • The roof covering and glazing included in a conservatory design both need to offer sufficient thermal performance, otherwise the structure will be inhabitable at certain times of the year.


  • If you value your privacy you may be best opting for an orangery as a conservatory has a significant volume of glass, allowing people close by to get a good view of its interior.


Orangeries (Pros)

  • Brick is one of the prime materials used to construct an orangery and its use helps it look like a natural extension of a house, rather than a retrospective installation.


  • Orangeries tend to be more substantial than conservatories if you need an extension that maximises floor space.


  • You can use an orangery for various different purposes i.e. dining area, office, playroom, home gymnasium.


Orangeries (Cons)

  • Though they include very large windows, light transference into an orangery will not be as plentiful as a conservatory.


  • The cost of buying an orangery is generally more expensive than buying a conservatory.


You can see a fine selection of conservatory and orangery installations in our two showrooms located in Birstall and Mirfield. Seeing both extensions in person is the best way to settle on one or the other.







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