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Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing: Which Is Best?

The nights are gradually growing longer and outdoor temperatures have already started to drop, which can only mean one thing… winter will soon be here.

There are several ways you can winterise your home in preparation for the unpredictable British weather. 

Chunky blankets can help to make your living space feel more snug, whilst a log fire can heat up your home in minutes. 

But what about external factors? 

Harsh weather conditions can take their toll on your home’s exterior over the years which means components such as your windows may not be insulating your home as well as they once used to. 

If your windows are over ten years old then it may be time to invest in replacements. 

Not only will a new set of windows help to improve your home’s thermal efficiency and keep your property draught-free, but they could also reduce your energy bills too.

When it comes to choosing the perfect windows for your home, how do you know which is best – double or triple glazing?

Double vs Triple Glazed Windows 

The difference between double and triple glazing is quite straightforward. Double glazed windows contain two pieces of glass, whereas a triple glazed window is composed of three glass panes.

Both windows help to retain heat in your home and can also reduce the amount of unwanted noise coming from outdoors. But triple glazing is the best option if you really want to improve your home’s energy efficiency.   

That being said, you probably won’t need triple glazed windows in every room, so it’s best to speak with an expert who will help you find the perfect combination for your home. 

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