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Effective Ways Of Heating Your Conservatory This Winter

In the winter months a good majority of conservatory owners have no option but to completely turn their backs on their home extension and very rarely is it because they have grown bored of the space. The usual explanation is that the inside of their conservatory gets incredibly cold when temperatures outside are low, to the point where it becomes practically uninhabitable.

Solid Tiled Roof Lean-To Conservatory

It’s an unfortunate situation as by rights a conservatory should be utilised regularly across winter, especially at times like Christmas and New Year when everyone can revel in its special atmosphere.

A conservatory warm enough for the winter can be established though without knocking down the original structure and building a more energy efficient replacement.

Comfort levels will rise upon implementation of the following:

Change roofing systems and upgrade to a solid roof

A lot of heat loss will be occurring because of the existing roof and its inability to keep warmth trapped inside – traditional glass and polycarbonate roofs are most guilty for this.

You can replace your existing roof (so long as you have Building Regulations Approval) with a solid roof – a low U-Value lightweight roofing system that will enhance thermal performance and transform your conservatory into an all-year round space.

Our design team are capable of fashioning a solid roof to fit any conservatory style and we can have it installed in just a few days.

Install blinds for the windows

If your conservatory was built several years ago, it is unlikely that the windows contain energy efficient glass and some of the coldness may stem from that.

To restrict the amount of cold air they let in you could install a set of blinds to many or all of the windows. Thermal blinds are available if you want to gain optimum protection from the weather and maximise energy savings. You’ll come across thermal blinds in all sorts of patterns and colours, so finding a set that suit your taste and internal décor shouldn’t be difficult.

Cover your tiled flooring

Not everyone has a carpeted conservatory floor. Tiled flooring is very popular and it can feel very cold on your feet when you go into your extension barefooted.

As well as chucking on a pair of socks, you should put down some thick rugs on the floor to create an insulating layer between your feet and the floor. They can cover a large portion of the floor and again you have a world of choice as rugs can be found in just about every conceivable colour and style.


Any aspiring conservatory owner can guarantee themselves comfortable extended living throughout the seasons for years with one of Visual’s solid roof conservatories. Visit our Living Spaces page to see what we can do.



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