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Could Triple Glazing Be The Key To A Quieter Home?

You won’t be hearing so much of it now that we’re in lockdown, but in normal circumstances, noise generated outside can cause you issues indoors at home. 

It’s really annoying when you’re settling down to do something, maybe watching a favourite TV show or enjoying a peaceful dinner, and you get interrupted by the cacophony of sound that comes from cars or inconsiderate neighbours. 

You can always speak to your neighbours, but you can’t do much about noisy traffic, except for perhaps getting triple glazed windows and doors fitted. 

We hear a lot that triple glazing is good for noise insulation, but how true is that?

It’s certainly not untrue, but whether they have any effect very much depends on how triple glazed windows and doors are built and installed.

The glass has to be right for the job and you want a thick glass. However, you don’t want each of the three panes to have the same thickness. They should all be different thicknesses if you want the windows and doors to shut out noise effectively. 

Something else that’s required is for there to be large air gaps between the trio of glass panes. Where possible, also try not to have trickle vents put in any windows as they will provide noise with a pathway into the house. 

The final fitting needs to be done correctly too, which means ensuring that the windows and doors are well sealed, with absolutely no gaps. A qualified fitter like Visual will see to that. 

Just be aware that triple glazed windows and doors might not be all you need to cull external noise. It could also be coming through your roof, walls and floors, so get them sorted at the same time. 


Despite everything that’s going on at the moment, Visual is still around to give you any more advice you need in relation to triple glazing or anything else. 


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