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How To Furnish And Accessorise Your Conservatory

Just like you would seek to do after moving into a brand new home, it is important to inject some of your personality into a new conservatory as it will have a permanent presence at the house. There is lots of space to do it and you can achieve it through the use of furniture and accessories.

Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory Internal

For existing conservatory owners, their extension may just have reached the point where it feels outdated inside and it needs a fresh set of furniture and accessories.

In either scenario, it can seem an intimidating task, but it doesn’t need to be as you just need to get the basics right.

Use the following points as a guide for turning your conservatory’s interior into something that forever enthrals…


You need to think through your choice of furniture carefully as the conservatory will be fully exposed to sunlight and the UV rays produced by the sun can cause certain materials to eventually fade e.g. leather. We would therefore advise that you avoid buying leather furniture and instead stick to upholstered, wooden and rattan furniture as each of these furniture options can repel sunlight and won’t split or swell.


It’s very rare for a conservatory to be fully carpeted and we wouldn’t recommend that you do that anyway, especially if you have a door inside the extension connecting it to your garden as it could be trampled on with dirty feet. Something that looks attractive and is easier to clean is a better option such as engineered wood flooring or tiled flooring. You can cover these flooring solutions with mats and rugs to add some colour and keep the bottom of your feet nice and warm.


Lighter colours work well in a conservatory as you want the overall feeling to be one of airiness and vivacity. But, you don’t need to play things too safe on the colour front. A striking chair or armchair will make a nice focal point and contrast perfectly against the more sedate colour around it. Spiced Honey is a very on-trend colour this year after it was announced as Dulux’ Colour of the Year for 2019, as is Living Coral, winner of PANTONE Color of the Year 2019.


Conservatories aren’t just reserved for daytime use; they’re also a perfect spot to enjoy the night times. But to be able to make use of it after dark, the extension needs to be well lit. In the presence of a perimeter ceiling, you could always incorporate downlighters into it; however you may not have that luxury. As long as you have some solid wall inside the extension, you can put up mounted wall lights, or alternatively, get a central fanlight fitted to illuminate the space and keep it ventilated in summer.


Get a whole host of other ideas for furnishing and accessorising your conservatory on our Living Spaces page  where you can see many of our completed projects.


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