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Why You Need Some Bi-Folding Doors For That Summer Homecation

There will be a very limited number of foreign destinations you can travel to this summer, and your usual holiday destination might be off the cards. 

House Extension - Bi-Folding Doors

No matter. You can always have a homecation with the kids instead, which will save you a lot of money and likely prove to be a similar amount of fun. 

Having a garden will be a major plus, and with that, so would a set of bi-folding doors. 

Of all the products we could suggest from within the Visual range, why bi-folding doors? We’ll go into that now:

One open living space

You will want to make use of both your indoor and outdoor spaces during your break, so why not introduce a bi-fold to the house so that the two settings can be turned into one. 

That is what will happen from the second you fold the full set of door leafs to the end of the track, to leave one massive opening between home and garden. 

It will make it a lot simpler for the kids to run outside and for you to head out and catch some sunshine. 

A source of ventilation

Do you think it’s over optimistic to expect the weather to be kind to us this summer? We don’t think so!

Should we experience 30+ temperatures, the bi-folding door can be called upon to let some fresh air into your living space so that you don’t feel the heat too much. 

It will be the possible fan you could ever wish for, but you won’t need electricity to power a bi-fold, keeping your energy costs down. 

Useful for outdoor dining

Barbecuing is one of the favourite pastimes of any Briton and what better time to do it than when taking a homecation?

Clean up your grill so that it’s ready for cooking those burgers and sausages, and when you need to set up the dining table outside, it will be much easier to do so when the opening of a bi-fold gives you easy access to take out cutlery, plates etc.

You could have an outdoor meal every night with the minimum of fuss thanks to the presence of a bi-fold. 

To find out more about what other benefits there are to owning our bi-folding doors, visit the full product page here.

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