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How To Keep Thieves Out Of Your House

The long, light summer days almost seem like a distant memory. It’s beginning to turn dark really early now and will do so even more once the clocks go back in a few weeks. 

Most home burglaries take place when it’s dark, so you need to do everything you can to stop your home from being a thief’s next successful target. 

We bring the subject of home security up also because it’s National Home Security Month

Taking place every October, the initiative offers advice on improving home security, a bit like we’re about to do with these three suggestions:

Get a working burglar alarm fitted

When we found out that only a third of UK homes have a burglar alarm, it didn’t surprise us in the slightest that a burglary occurs in the UK every 106 seconds. As for the average cost of a burglary, that’s a hefty £3,000. 

Not having an alarm is asking for trouble, and why wouldn’t you have one when you can get a bells-only alarm, silent alarm, wireless alarm or dialler alarm installed for as little as £200? 

As soon as an attack on your home is detected, each of these alarms will trigger some form of alert.

Don’t be tempted to leave a spare key out

All the usual hiding spots e.g. doormat or plant pot, will be the first places a burglar looks on the off chance a key may have been left underneath them. 

You will know who needs a spare key, so just get one cut for them, rather than risk the embarrassment of giving thieves the easiest possible access to your home. 

A home insurer may refuse to pay out on a policy if they discover that leaving a spare key out was the fundamental cause of your home being burgled.

Install secure new windows and doors

Windows and doors are an obvious route into a home, and any flaws in them will be capitalised upon by an experienced thief. 

Give yours a thorough inspection to check that the locks are still doing their job properly, and that your locked windows and doors barely budge when pushed. 

We definitely recommend getting new double or triple glazed windows and doors put in as they will have a more advanced locking mechanism and be internally glazed too, stopping the glass from being removed from outside.

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