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How To Ensure Your Conservatory Is Useable This Winter

Thousands of conservatory owners will be cursing the cold weather as it prevents them from being able to use their lifestyle extension over the winter months.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

Exposure to a cold climate causes a lot of old conservatories to get extremely cold and there’s nothing pleasant about spending time in a setting that leaves you shivering.

It’s such a pity as a conservatory makes for a brilliant place to host the annual Christmas dinner and those New Year celebrations – why go out to enjoy these occasions anywhere else?

There are several cures though and none of them involve demolishing your current conservatory and constructing a more energy efficient replacement. Christmas in your conservatory is still a possibility…

Upgrade your roof to a solid roof

For a conservatory to offer sufficient insulation it must have a thermally efficient roofing system. Ageing glass and polycarbonate roofs perform badly in this regard and readily allow heat to escape and cold air to creep in. It might be possible to replace your existing roof with a solid roof to drastically improve thermal performance.

After taking precise measurements and checking that the current windows and base can tolerate a new roof covering, we will custom-build a solid roof to fit the existing structure consisting either of lightweight tiles or slates (you can determine which). The tiles / slates look just like authentic tiles / slates but offer sustained weather-resistance, so they won’t crack or get damaged. We can usually have a solid roof installation completed in just a few days.

Put up some blinds

Another way of keeping some of the cold out is to buy and install a set of conservatory blinds. There are patterns aplenty when it comes to blind designs and blind styles include Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Vertical Blinds.

They’ll also help to shield you from the glare of the sun. Just remember to open and close them at the relevant times of the day.

Put down some rugs

If you have tiled conservatory flooring it will inevitably feel very cold on your feet and cold feet normally leads to a cold body.

Cover this flooring with a few thick rugs in a colour that suits your internal décor. While it is an expensive option, you may also want to look into underfloor heating if you want permanently cosy flooring.  

Wish you had a conservatory this winter? Visual might just be able to build you one before Father Christmas arrives. Request a FREE priority quote now.


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