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Are You Living With Windows That Fail To Keep The Weather Out?

All we want at this time of the year is a bit of cosiness in our lives, particularly when we’re chilling out at home during the cold winter months. 

If that’s a luxury you’re not fortunate enough to enjoy, and all you feel each time you go put your feet up indoors is frosty, you desperately need some new energy efficient windows in your life. 

Available from Visual in either double or triple glazed form and with a UPVC or aluminium frame surround, our energy efficient windows will better insulate your home than your existing windows.

They will use the warmth of your boiler more effectively and also keep the weather where it belongs – outside.  Never again will you be troubled by draughts.

We’d also strongly recommend a window upgrade for those still living with their original windows for these additional benefits:

Cheaper energy bills

Because your home won’t be anywhere near as cold as it used to be, you won’t have to incessantly turn to your heating system to keep you warm. 

Being able to give your heating more of a break will come with significant monetary rewards as your energy bills will be less expensive. You will love seeing the savings you’re making each time you receive your heating bill. 

Improved security

Home burglaries rise by as much as 20 per cent over the dark winter months. That makes sense as thieves will probably believe they have less chance of being caught out than they would in broad daylight. 

If a break-in attempt is made on your home, it will be your windows they target. 

We incorporate a multi-point locking mechanism into our energy efficient windows, and internally bead the glass, to put paid to their chances of gaining access to a home. 

Noise reducing

It’s lovely to have a bit of peace and quiet at home, but there’s little hope of that if your windows are single glazed and you live on a busy street.

The extra bit of glass you get in a double or triple glazed window will reduce the decibel levels caused by traffic and passers-by. 

Just inform us if noise is a decisive factor in you choosing to replace your windows and we will appropriately specify them to turn noise into near tranquillity. 


As a further incentive to persuade you to show your existing windows the exit door, Visual is offering up to 50 percent off our window solutions. And, if you get a Priority Quote now, we might just be able to have them fitted in time for Christmas**. 


**Christmas installation is only available for a limited period and maybe subject planning and weather conditions – hurry to secure your installation date.


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