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Traditional Or Modern Windows - Which Are You Best Choosing?

The appearance of your home is very much defined by the condition and style of your windows as they’re such a prominent feature of any house. A well-worn set of windows won’t do the place any favours.

Grey Aluminium Windows

Upgrading your existing windows is the course of action you should take if you want to give your property a fantastic facelift, but you can’t just buy any replacement windows as they need to be completely in keeping with its character.

It’ll come down to a straight choice between traditional and modern windows, and Visual has an extensive selection of both window types in stock.

There are too many potential replacement window offerings to discuss in this blog post, so we have picked out three possibilities to give you a taste of what we’ve got. As for the rest of our window styles, you’ll just have to come and see them in one of our showrooms!

Heritage Windows

There are very strict guidelines imposed on window replacements for listed buildings and properties inside of a conservation area. Our Heritage window design has been specifically crafted to satisfy these guidelines.

A recreation of a traditional 19th Century flush sash timber window, a Heritage window has all the hallmarks of a flush sash, including identical proportions and authentic hardware. It is however manufactured from UPVC, not that you would notice when looking at the frame as you could easily mistake it for timber.  It will add olde-worlde charm to homes old and new.  

Aluminium Windows

The slenderness of an aluminium window profile is quite extraordinary when you consider the robustness of aluminium. That hasn’t prevented us from fashioning aluminium windows that contain minimal framework and an abundance of glass, and all that glass provides you with the most amazing external views.

Each coloured finish applied to an aluminium window frame is powder-coated and requires an 11-stage application process to get it exactly right. It’s because of this 11-stage routine that our aluminium finishes are so striking and immediately attract your gaze.

Flush Casement Windows

It was around 400 years ago that the first ever flush casement window was developed, and there are no signs of its popularity waning. That’s why we decided to create our own contemporary flush casement with the same customary flush fitting, but a few modern twists, including an energy efficient UPVC frame. This stunning range has its own name – ‘Envisage’.

Householders seem to love it just as much as a traditional flush casement window, particularly as it offers far greater security and thermal performance than any original flush casement window could ever deliver.


Hold off making a final decision until you have seen more of our traditional and modern windows. Details of our showrooms can be found here.


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