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3 Great Home Improvement Ideas For A Small House

3 home improvement ideas for smaller homes

We all crave space in our homes, but it’s difficult getting it if your property isn’t the biggest in the world. 

It’s no shock that so many people experience this problem as over the last 40 years, new-build homes in the UK have shrunk by 20%, which is a significant reduction, when you think about it. 

Houses are getting smaller all the time, and there’s every chance they could become even more compact in the future. 

So that you don’t feel squeezed in, you can use a variety of tricks to make your home interior feel bigger than it is in reality. 

Visual can let you into a few of them:

Installing mirrors on walls

One of the most effective ways of creating the illusion of space is to hang up mirrors on several walls in your house, but they need to be correctly sized and put in the right spots. 

Go big with your mirrors, rather than small, and the frame around them needs to be pretty trim too. Then install them near a window, if you can, and not too close to a wall or ceiling’s edge.

In terms of how high they should be off the floor, get the centre of your mirrors at the eye-level of a person of average height.


Opting for a light colour scheme

It would be a bit too much to have mirrors on every single wall. You could repaint some of them and we suggest doing so in a light colour. 

The obvious light colour is white, which will perfectly reflect the natural light that travels into rooms. For a room that only receives the bare minimum of light, a black finish would actually be better. 

As well as the walls, coat the ceiling, trims and doors with paint too.

A colour pallette for an extension

Fitting bi-folds, French or patio doors

Do you have outdoor space that would allow you to open your home in some way? It could be done with the installation of a bi-folding, French or patio door. 

All three of these door solutions can be slid or folded open with the utmost ease and will unify your internal and external areas, transforming them into one large living space. 

The wealth of light that enters into your house as a consequence of this will also add to the feeling of spaciousness.

A partly open bi-folding door

Visual supplies bi-folding, French and patio doors, if you wish to get any of them added to your property. Request a FREE quote for one of these products.

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