Stay Cool In Your Conservatory With A New Replacement Solid Roof

Stay Cool In Your Conservatory With A New Replacement Solid Roof

The record-breaking hot weather that we’ve had in July is a conservatory owner’s worst nightmare if their extended space has an old glass or polycarbonate roof.

It will have been like a furnace and impossible to use, which is such an annoyance when you’re at home in summer. These same conservatories will also get unbearably cold in winter, just to compound things.

What do you do to resolve the problem? Get in touch with Visual and ask for a solid tiled roof. A quick-fitting product, it will establish a comfortable temperature whatever the time of year and however hot or cold it is outside.

Replacement Roof Solutions

We’ll do a careful inspection of the existing framework of your conservatory to see if it can be retained, as our tiled roofing system is extremely lightweight. If we find that it is in sufficient condition to hold the weight of a new roof, three days is all it could take to complete the installation.

The heat that you don’t want in summer will be reflected away from the space by the roof, while in winter, it will hold in the heat that you need to keep warm.

It’s the in-built roofing technology, insulation infills and authentic-looking tiles that make a solid roof so good at stopping excess sunshine from spoiling the enjoyment you get out of your conservatory.

You’ll be able to let the kids make it their own over the holidays, both now in summer and during this winter, and many others to come.

The improved temperature-control will also save you money on energy, a very welcome boost to your finances with fuel bills hitting an all-time high.


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