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What Not To Do When Getting A Kitchen Extension Fitted

It used to be the living room where families would congregate together to relax after a hard day at work, but now the kitchen is the first place they head for to unwind and chew the fat. 

Kitchen & Dining Area Extension - Internal View

Previously, the kitchen would just be reserved for cooking and dining. Things have evolved though and they are just two of many activities that go on in the modern-day British kitchen. 

Is your kitchen like that? If not, is it because it couldn’t possibly cater for this form of lifestyle? 

What you need is a kitchen extension from Visual. 

It’ll serve up the perfect location for everything you could possibly need in a kitchen, and be free of the mistakes that so often blight some kitchen designs, such as these:

Insufficient lighting

Lighting is a key ingredient of a good kitchen. 

All of the main areas within a kitchen should be well-lit, especially the places where you prepare food and wash the dishes afterwards e.g. hob, countertops, sink. Use strong task lighting for them, maybe buying having spotlights integrated into the base of cupboards on the walls. 

For the kitchen island, a low-hanging pendant light should shine a focus on it. If you want more natural light to fill your kitchen, see if a skylight can be added to your roof. 

Not enough work surfaces

Our kitchens are full of appliances and various gadgets, some of which can be rather large, and they all need to sit somewhere. It makes sense to have them out and on display, but they can occupy a lot of countertop space. 

So that you’re not left with a shortage of worktops, provide the designer with a detailed description of your plans for the kitchen and how it will be used to ensure that you get enough countertop spaces, and that they’re fitted in the right areas. 

Failing to get planning permission

No kitchen extension should ever be built until it has been checked if it needs planning permission. Breaking planning laws with a kitchen extension will cause you so many problems. 

Some kitchen designs get categorised as Permitted Developments, which means that they automatically comply with planning laws and you therefore don’t need to apply for planning permission. 

Please be advised that planning permission and Building Regulations Approval are two separate things, and you may also need the latter. Visual can arrange organising this for you.

For a mistake-free kitchen extension that will change your home lifestyle forever, approach Visual for a FREE, no obligation quote.

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