Love Your Home – 3 Bits Of DIY You Can Do When In Lockdown

Love Your Home

It’s unusual for us to have to spend so much time at home, but let’s embrace it and keep ourselves occupied whilst we’re indoors as much as we possibly can.

We tell you what would be a good thing to do with the time is all those bits of DIY you haven’t had a chance to sort because of your ordinarily busy lifestyle.

There’s always something that needs doing and enlisting some help from fellow family members will get those home chores completed more quickly.

You will have a much nicer home afterwards and it will count as a form of exercise. Add these three DIY jobs to your ‘to-do’ list and tick them off:

Treat a room to a fresh lick of paint or repaint it completely

Give your interior your undivided attention and see if there are any bits of paintwork that could do with a fresh application of paint. It will be a quick job and make a difference. Alternatively, go the whole hog and completely repaint a room in a brand new colour, ordering it online.

For a small room, use a pale or light colour as it will make the space feel bigger than it actually is.

If you want a spring-like colour, opt for a yellow or green shade (how about sage or olive green?). To mix colours, paint a door in one colour and your skirting board in another.

Apply a stain blocker to the freshly coated walls to stop any possibility of water damage.

Tip One

Do some fixing and some upcycling

You can’t call someone out to repair anything in your house at the moment, so it’s up to you to do it, which will save you money and give you a feeling of accomplishment.

Toolbox at the ready for tightening up any loose handles and pulls on your drawers and cabinets, remedying broken fence panels in the garden and regrouting any areas where the current grouting is coming away.

After repairing, think about how you can recycle any old items you have lying around to give them a new purpose.

Old books could be converted into a shelf solution or reupholster an old chair with an unused roll of fabric to make it look new again.

Tip Two

Get your garden spring / summer-ready

At least while in lockdown the weather is improving and you should take in as much of it as you can in your garden.

If your garden has been untouched since last year, don your gardening gloves and mow the lawn, remove any weeds, cut back your bushes, strim and do some planting to give it colour, come summer.

Why not then take the indoors outdoors and make your garden your primary living spot for when conditions allow.

Encourage the kids to move their dens from the inside to the outside of the house and put out your garden furniture so that you can sit out in the sun – there’s got to be some perks to lockdown!

Tip three

While Visual cannot presently come and install home improvements for you, we can put plans in place for doing so in the, hopefully, not too distant future. Order now and you also won’t have to pay until 2021. Visit our Special Offers page for more details.


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