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The Government Has Made It Simpler For You To Extend Your Home

If you have ever thought about extending your home, but not gone ahead and done it because of the potential red tape involved in getting it built, we have news that may persuade you to change your mind.

Kitchen Extension - External Detail

The government has decided to let householders extend their properties with single-storey extensions of a certain size without planning permission on a permanent basis.

It was back in 2013 that the Conservatives first gave the green light to six-metre single-storey extensions being constructed at terraced and semi-detached houses, and eight-metre single-storey extensions being erected at detached houses without a planning application needing to be submitted.

They did so to give property owners a better opportunity to extend their residences, something that more than 110,000 people have chosen to do over the past six years since the initial announcement. That figure is certain to rise quickly now that the rules around home extensions have been relaxed permanently.

Not having to submit a planning application will also save you £206 and several months waiting for your local authority to tell you if the extension can be built or not.

All you have to do now when having an extension of either of these sizes integrated at the relevant property type is inform your local council of the building work. They will publicise the plans to your neighbours to enable them to raise any objections they have. If anyone opposes the plans, the council will then rule whether the extension is likely to harm the character or enjoyment of the area. Should they feel it necessary, they have the power to block the plans.

If this isn’t quite enough of an incentive for you to grow your family home, you might change your mind upon discovering that Visual now offers a comprehensive extensions service covering both home and kitchen extensions.

We can promise you an extension that breathes new life into your entire home and makes you love spending time there!

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