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Why FENSA Members Are The Best Of The Best In The Industry

When you appoint a FENSA member for your project you are guaranteed the finest installation that will not only meet your expectations, but will meet rigorous building regulation standards too.

Flush Casement Windows on Modern Property 

At Visual, we are proud to be a member of FENSA (Registered No. 29296), the leading body in issuing homeowner protection in the double glazing industry.

Standing for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, FENSA was founded in 2002 by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and other industry bodies after receiving encouragement from the government.

FENSA ensures customers are being provided with quality double glazing, in regards to the current building regulations in England and Wales.

Homeowners who are replacing their windows and doors must do so in compliance with current thermal performance standards. 

If you were to go with a company that isn’t a FENSA approved installer, you would need to pay to obtain a certificate and get your windows and doors assessed by Local Authority Building Control to receive confirmation that the standards are met. 

However, if you were to go with a company that is an approved installer, like Visual, you will be given a FENSA certificate without the hassle of needing to organise an assessment.

The certificate you receive should be kept in a secure place because it will be used if you ever want to sell your house. 

It will also give you assurance that your installation is energy efficient and has been properly registered with your local authority.

FENSA frequently reassesses their members to ensure they are complying with building regulations. That means they can take away our accreditation if we are not measuring up to their high standards.

Skip the hassle of worrying that your windows and doors won’t meet standards and go with an approved installer. Request a brochure to view our selection of windows and doors that meet every single standard.

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