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All You Need To Know About UPVC And Why It’s So Popular

We give our customers the final say on everything when they are buying any products from Visual, and this includes our window and doors. 

Cream UPVC Windows

It’s entirely up to them if their windows are manufactured using a UPVC or aluminium profile, and the same goes for if they want a UPVC or solid core door. 

It has to be said that we sell an enormous number of UPVC-built windows and doors.

A material first created in 1935, Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride first came to prominence in the UK in the 1980’s, during the double-glazing boom, a period which was dramatised in the BBC series, ‘White Gold’. 

Nearly 40 years on, and it hasn’t lost any of its appeal amongst the British public. That doesn’t surprise us in the slightest, for a number of reasons. 

UPVC is more affordable than many competing building materials and buying UPVC windows and doors won’t hit you as hard in the wallet or purse as investing in hardwood timber windows. 

It’s tough too, really tough! Very rarely does it lose any of its strength or shape, and one of the main explanations for that is the use of a vinyl polymer to bind chlorine atoms to the window or door frame. With that it veers away from being just pure plastic and also helps it work well with steel. 

UPVC windows and doors are also great for thermal insulation. They have a very high energy rating, or at least they do at Visual, with our UPVC Extreme windows offering an A+ rating on their own. The Extreme range easily complies with current building regulations and will save you an absolute fortune on your energy bills. 

Originally, UPVC windows and doors were only supplied in white, and if you were lucky, a couple of other colours, but there’s a lot more eclecticism nowadays. Practically every finish you can think of is available for UPVC products, and this includes authentic woodgrain effects if you want to have your UPVC windows and doors mimic the appearance of timber. 

A big downside of wooden windows and doors is that you find yourself regularly needing to repaint them, but UPVC frames don’t need a retouch. You can wipe them clean with a wet cloth and nothing else. 

Our showrooms have been made Covid-secure and are open again if you have a desire to see a variety of UPVC products in one stylish setting. 



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