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Is Triple Glazing Worth The Investment?

Buying new triple glazed windows for your home will mean putting a lot of your hard-earned cash at stake, so it’s completely understandable that you want to know whether it’s all that it’s cracked up to be.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing has been available in Scandinavian countries for decades, but it’s only over the past five or six years that the product has gone mainstream in the UK.

Its use in exceptionally cold countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland etc. can be explained by the supposed impressive insulating qualities of the product.

While we don’t live in the warmest of climates, we don’t experience weather like they do, which may leave you questioning the validity of integrating it over here.

Let us inform you why triple glazing is worth considering by detailing its various attributes, starting with the aforementioned issue of insulation…


No prizes for guessing that a triple glazed window contains three panes of glass and one extra glass pane compared to a double glazed window. Three panes as opposed to two are beneficial due to the added insulating layer of gas inside of the unit.   

When tested for insulation, it was found that a triple glazed window significantly outperforms a standard ‘C’ rated double glazed window for thermal efficiency by as much as 60%. Even an ‘A’ rated double glazed window trails behind a triple glazed window in terms of insulation, offering close to 40% better thermal efficiency.


Generally, triple glazing costs more than double glazing, but it doesn’t cost much more. Think of the money you will save from energy savings after the installation of triple glazing though. It is far from uncommon for a householder to not just completely recoup the cost of buying triple glazing during the lifespan of the product, but to also earn a tidy profit from them.  


The world seems to be getting noisier and you don’t want that noise to impact on your home life. Some window suppliers will tell you that triple glazing is guaranteed to shut out noise, but that will only be the case if the window is developed in a certain way.

It needs to have glass panes and cavities of different thicknesses. If the thicknesses are all kept the same, triple glazed windows will offer barely any sound reduction, which will prove a waste of money if you’re regularly disturbed by busy traffic.


A burglar will have to find their way through three sections of glass to gain access to your living space and they will find it almost impossible. All of the glass in a triple glazed solution is internally glazed, preventing its removal from the outside of the house. It also has a multi-point locking mechanism that they won’t be able to snap.


In our minds, triple glazing is worth every penny, that’s why we had no hesitation in adding it to our product range. Visit our Special Offers page and get it for less from Visual.

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