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The Backstory Of UPVC And The Benefits It Offers To You

First developed commercially in 1935, Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride exploded into the consciousness of British householders everywhere back in the 1980’s during the double glazing boom of that decade – a period in the window and door industry that was the backdrop for the recent BBC TV series ‘White Gold’.  

Cream UPVC Windows

Fast-forward nearly 40 years from that era, and UPVC is a building material that home improvement specialists continue to use to manufacture their windows, doors and conservatories, Visual included.  

How has UPVC managed to retain its popularity? It’s down to a series of factors…


We all lead such busy lives nowadays that no-one has the time or urge to be maintaining their windows and doors; we much prefer them to look after themselves.

UPVC is completely weather-resistant and doesn’t need a fresh coat of paint every few months. Literally all you have to do to make a UPVC window clean again is wipe the frame with a wet cloth and squeegee the glass.


Purse strings are tight amongst a lot of families which makes things difficult if they need replacement windows, but don’t have much money to spend on them.

Fortunately, UPVC windows are very affordable, and largely more inexpensive than hardwood timber windows or aluminium windows. They will give you great value in the long-term.

Incredibly tough

The toughness of a UPVC window frame is hugely impressive and it will sustain its strength over the years, unlike timber windows, which have a tendency to weaken as they get older.  

It can withstand almost anything and will keep the window unit securely in place, even in the face of serious force.

Superb thermal performance

The cost of household energy is more expensive than it’s ever been. If it’s hitting your finances hard, you need your windows to keep out draughts and make more use of the energy your boiler produces.

UPVC windows offer fantastic insulation and minimise heat loss and draughts, enabling you to cut down your reliance on conventional heating. This will result in far cheaper energy bills.


You can see a fine selection of UPVC products at either of our two West Yorkshire showrooms, located in Birstall and Mirfield. Then you will appreciate why UPVC is so good.



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