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Five Ways Of Cutting The Cost Of Your Energy Bills

Debt is the last thing anybody needs at any time, but particularly in the lead-up to Christmas. However, according to research conducted by uSwitch, UK household energy debt has increased by 24 per cent during the last year – this means around £400 million is owed to energy suppliers by customers.

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It’s a frightening figure as you would have suspected that the vast majority of customers would be in credit after what was one of our hottest ever summers. Household fuel won’t be getting any cheaper either and winter is the time of year when we most rely on heating and lighting to keep our homes warm and well-lit.

If you’re in fuel debt and desperate to get your energy costs down, take each of these five steps to shift from being in the red to into the black…

  1. Search for a cheaper energy tariff

You might be paying a fortune for energy due to not being on the right tariff. Visit a comparison site and input your current gas and electricity usage to find the best deal. If you have never switched before, you could potentially save around £300 yearly by taking the plunge and switching for the first time. Regular switchers will also usually save money.

  1. Only heat the rooms that need it

Most homeowners are guilty of heating the whole house, instead of only having the radiators on in rooms where you spend the majority of your time. There’s no point warming up the spare bedroom if no-one is sleeping in there when you should concentrate solely on heating places that are frequently occupied like the living room, kitchen etc.

  1. Control your heating on the move

Following on from the last point, the development of smart thermostats and smart home heating systems enables you to control your heating via an app on your mobile device. Using the app, you can choose to decide when you have your heating on and off, so there will be no excuse for leaving the heating on when there’s an empty house.

  1. Buy some thicker curtains

Can you feel cold air passing through your windows and doors? To protect your interior from this coldness you could invest in some thick curtains with an insulating layer. Don’t worry that thermal curtains might be drab and boring as they can be bought in a host of colours and patterns to complement your home décor.

  1. Fit thermally efficient windows & doors

Thicker curtains won’t be required when you upgrade your existing windows and doors as double and triple glazed windows and doors offer a very high standard of insulation. All windows and doors sold at Visual come with an impressive energy rating – the higher the energy rating, the more heating loss is eliminated and heat retention improved.

Buy new energy efficient windows and doors from Visual now to enjoy extra savings in more ways than one. Click here to find out more about this.


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