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Not all double glazing is created equally. There are many components to a double glazed window unit that can affect both its quality and its ability to be energy efficient. From the frame to the glass itself, there are ways in which some double glazing can far outperform, and offer better value for money, than others.

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Quality double glazing window units all start with the frame; after all you need somewhere to put the glass. Double glazed window frames need to be strong and robust in order to hold the glass firmly in place and to remain secure to outside threats. While most frames are made from the same material, PVC, there are differences in the way that they are produced which can impact their quality. Even better double glazing will use aluminium frames, they are both stronger and far more stylish and most importantly they are thinner which allows more light in.

The glass unit that fits inside the frame is obviously the next most important element of quality double glazing. The way in which the two panes of glass are sealed together is an important part of the overall quality of the finished product. The better that they are sealed the longer they will last and continue to provide their energy saving benefits. The glass itself is an important part of the overall product; substandard glass will only ever generate substandard results and will make the whole installation inefficient.

The final part of any double glazing unit is the process of having it installed in your home; the quality of the fitting must be in keeping with the quality of the manufacturing. Only a trained and experienced double glazing installer will ensure that you get the most of your double glazing. If you are interested in double glazing in Huddersfield, double glazing in Rotherham or double glazing in Wakefield and only want the very best, make sure you contact Conservatory, Window and Door Outlet today!


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