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Should I Consider Triple Glazing More Than Double Glazing?

Triple glazing wasn’t even a “thing” in this country until a few years ago as prior to then it would be predominantly used in colder countries like those in Scandinavia where it has been available for decades.

It was only as UK energy bills began to soar that our nation’s window and door suppliers started to stock triple glazed products and it’s from then on that people have wanted to know if triple glazing surpasses double glazing.

Visual has specialised in windows and doors for nearly 20 years and as a supplier of triple glazing we are well placed to present you with the facts about triple glazing so that you are fully in the know…

How does it fare against double glazing in terms of cost?

Buying brand new windows and doors is never cheap (when a quote seems too good to be true, it usually is) and we can confirm that triple glazed products are more expensive than their double glazed counterparts.

Try not to let that put you off as you have access to a number of finance packages at Visual to help you get the triple windows and doors you want and also because e.g. triple glazed windows can offer a 40% higher level of thermal efficiency than standard A-rated double glazed windows and 60% greater thermal efficiency than standard ‘C’ rated double glazed windows.

Just think of the savings you will make on your future energy bills when you’re in two minds whether to part with your hard-earned cash.

Will it make my home a quieter place to live?

The world can be such a noisy place and when that noise starts impacting on your home it can leave you tearing your hair out.

Some sellers of triple glazing will claim that it considerably shuts out noise, but for that to be true, the glass panes and cavities in a triple glazed solution have to be of different thicknesses, not the exact same thicknesses.

Even a double glazed product with panes and cavities of different thicknesses can outperform a triple glazed product for noise reduction when the latter lacks the necessary panes and cavities.

Will it make my home more secure?

Thieves will use every method they can to gain access to your home via the windows and doors, so they need to be able to resist such efforts.

The addition of a third glass pane adds a further layer for a thief to try and get through in comparison to double glazing, but triple glazing and double glazing are both internally beading. The purpose of this is to eliminate the possibility of any glass being removed from the outside of the house (it can only be removed on the inside).

We also affix the same multi-point locking mechanism to triple glazed and double glazed solutions. This lock is pretty much impossible to break when it’s properly engaged, even when subjected to serious force.  


A Visual consultant will be happy to give you further advice about triple glazing. Request a FREE call back to chat things through.

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