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How You Can Use An Orangery

Orangeries are an investment. You should make sure you are taking full advantage of the extra living space by considering all options of what to use it for.

Lantern Roof Orangery

Ultimately, deciding on the function of the orangery will influence what size, style and specification you need. It is a decision that should be made first and foremost. 

But with endless possibilities, what are some of the best ways you can make use of your orangery?

A Home Office

With more people working from home and remote work becoming a constant in many households, the obvious choice for you may be to turn it into a home office. 

Your surroundings are instrumental to your productivity. An orangery can provide an open space to work, with home comforts just steps away and natural light in abundance.

Unlike using a spare bedroom for an office, an orangery provides the feeling of separation from the rest of the house. It is likely to be quieter and feel more private, which are qualities that make a great workspace. The lack of commute is just a bonus. 

A Playroom

If you are tired of constantly tripping over toys in every room, you may wish to use your orangery as a playroom for the kids.

A new playroom will allow you to keep Baby Shark to just the one room of the house and your sanity will thank you for it. Plus, the kids will have access to a fun space with lots of sunlight, great for getting their fill of Vitamin D. It’s a win win.

An Entertaining Room

Imagine this: you finally have a place to host sophisticated dinner parties with friends. A place you can show off and feel extra fancy when entertaining. 

Socialising is key to our well-being and your orangery is a great place to open a bottle of wine with friends, catch up with family or show off your cooking skills for your in-laws. 

A Relaxation Space

An orangery overlooking your garden is the perfect place if you are seeking relaxation and tranquillity. 

Perhaps you could throw a yoga mat down for a post-work workout, add some speakers to create some white noise for meditation or reading, or just create a place to go for some good old-fashioned peace and quiet.

There’s no reason why an orangery can’t be both functional and aesthetic. Whatever the purpose of your orangery, you won’t regret getting a FREE QUOTE from Visual to start planning your new space.

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