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Why Porches Help Create The Best First Impression

Visual isn’t just a supplier and installer of windows, doors and conservatories as we also specialise in UPVC and brick porches, a home improvement that often goes under the radar even though porches are renowned for establishing thrilling entranceways.

Entrance Porch in UPVC Rosewood

Our porch designs are anything but plain and ordinary and come in a very wide variety of slate or tiled roof traditional and modern styles, so you’re certain to find something that suits. Inexpensive to buy, we can sympathetically integrate your chosen porch design into your house, and once we have, the impression the property makes will be permanently positive.

Any householder that claims they’re not interested in the opinions people have of their home is a liar, but you could only ever say good things about a property with a well-designed porch.  

It should be pointed out though that the prospect of improved aesthetics isn’t the only reason why porches are worth the money…

Extra space

Added depth indoors will come as a consequence of an enclosed porch installation and this can be capitalised on for storage purposes to help free up space elsewhere in your house.  

You can keep shoes, hats, scarves, jackets, umbrellas stored inside one. Maybe install some shelving where some of these items can be kept to maximise the floor space of the design.

Security measure

The number of home burglaries committed in the UK is on the rise and you need to be fully on your guard against the potential threat posed by thieves.

A porch will be a further barrier for them to try and overcome and an impenetrable one at that as Visual includes multi-point locking systems and high security hinges & handles in every porch design.

Value enhancing

For the money you spend on a porch you get an awful lot back in return, including a potential mini windfall if you ever decide to sell the house as a quality porch will add value to it.

It could also help lure buyers into putting in an offer, something they may not necessarily have done if the porch wasn’t present.


So, in summary, a porch won’t just ensure your home makes the best first impression; it’ll also protect the place and improve its value.

If that doesn’t sell it enough to you, we don’t know what will! Perhaps an extra £500 off might twist your arm? Get a priority quote here to receive extra FREE savings.






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