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Act Now! Counter Rising Energy Costs With Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

Cut your energy bills

We know the cost of living crisis is a big worry for households across the country. You may feel powerless to the rising cost of food, petrol and energy bills.

The price cap for energy bills recently increased from £1277 to £1971 on 1st of April. And no, it wasn’t an April fools joke! 

The price cap is the maximum an energy company can charge a household for their electricity and gas.

The increase has meant a huge 54% rise in energy bills for many. Things are likely to get much worse before they get better, with experts estimating the price cap will hit £2600 come October.

Sadly, there appears little point in shopping around for cheaper energy suppliers. Our team did some research and the cheapest fixed rate tariff available is £2800 at the moment.

However, Visual may have the answer.

We recommend you get energy efficient windows and doors installed before the next increase hits your wallet in October. 

Read on for why we believe it’s the ideal long-term solution.

Energy Efficient Windows

18% of heat loss happens due to poorly insulated windows. That’s almost a fifth! The heat escapes through the glass or around the frames.

If you notice moisture, mould or cracks in the sealant, they are probably not performing as well as they should when it comes to energy efficiency. To check this, hold a handle close to your windows to see if it flickers.

As standard, every window in the Extreme range comes with an A+ energy rating. That’s the best possible rating for energy efficiency. By preventing heat from escaping and harnessing additional heat from the sun, our windows can save you an average of £170 a year.

Energy efficient windows

Energy Efficient Doors

It’s important that when you check your windows, you check your doors too. Outdated front and back doors can also impact the energy efficiency of your home, with them causing around 15% of heat loss. 

The U-value is valuable in determining how energy efficient your doors are. It outlines the rate and amount of heat that can pass through a door and a more efficient door has a lower U-value.

According to Building Regulations, when replacing your door it must have a U-value of 1.8 W/m² or less. Every door at Visual comfortably achieves this, promising to save you money.

Energy efficient doors

With a 20 year guarantee on all of our thermally efficient windows and doors, imagine how much you can save in monthly outgoings spread over at least 20 years! 

Act now – invest in your home with energy efficient windows and doors to protect yourself from current and further increases. Get your quote here.

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