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Is It Worth Buying An Orangery?

If you’re an organised and progressive-thinking homeowner you may currently be thinking up ways you can improve your home in 2019 and buying an orangery may be included on your list of ideas.

Modern Glass Roof Orangery

There’s set to be no let-up in the number of people choosing to improve and not move once the New Year comes around and the installation of an orangery is right up there with the most glamorous home extensions.

But does investment into an orangery pay off?

The first thing to know if money is a big issue, is that an orangery tends to be more costly than a conservatory, however you shouldn’t immediately dismiss it based on the cash factor.

For a start, the cost of an orangery will be more inexpensive than a genuine home extension and most orangeries of an average size can be constructed without being held up by Building Regulations – you will often have an automatic right to build an orangery.

You should also appreciate just how much effort goes into the erection of an orangery.

An orangery can only be as solid as it should be if the foundations are strong and once they’re sorted it takes a lot of exertion to fit the windows, doors, frames and roofing system to complete the design.

What you mustn’t do is choose the wrong company for the job otherwise there is a high possibility of your investment proving to be a disappointment.

The last thing you want is to end up with an orangery that comes with a poor-quality roof system susceptible to cracking and letting the weather in easily or one that omits roof vents and subsequently doesn’t let hot air escape in summer.

To avert this, ensure that you never accept a quote that seems too cheap. When a quote is ridiculously low, it will be that low for a reason and it’s usually because the orangery won’t be of a sufficient standard.

We can promise you that all orangeries sold at Visual will be worth all of your money and more. To find out if we’re speaking the truth, just visit one of our showrooms. After your visit you will know we’re a company you can trust.

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