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Explaining Cavity Trays And Their Importance For Conservatories

We wouldn’t expect a customer to have any awareness of cavity trays and their purpose, but they need to know about them if they are planning to have a conservatory fitted at their home.

Edwardian Conservatory

Containing a number of trays, it’s an internal moisture or water barrier designed to stop rainwater penetrating a cavity wall and safeguard all windows and doors inside a conservatory from water damage. Damp normally happens when rainwater soaks external brickwork and manages to seep through the cavity between any inner and outer walls. We would advocate the use of a cavity wall when an external wall at your house is adapted into a rear internal wall to house your new conservatory.  

When observing most new-build properties you will notice that they have small plastic vents situated above ground level windows and doors due to the modern bricks used to construct them easily absorbing water. They’re actually called ‘weepers’ and their role is to allow rainfall to flow out of them when they connect with the lintel supporting the brickwork above the windows and doors. Even with weepers present, a cavity tray may still be required for certain buildings.

Use of a cavity tray will be also be judged by the positioning and height of the relevant side of the house. It is well-known that properties facing in a southerly or south westerly direction are more exposed to rainfall. It will also depend on how much brickwork is used above any ground floor windows and doors.

You probably don’t need reminding that Britain is a notoriously rainy country and the potential effects of climate change could see rainfall levels rise further over the coming years. To prepare for that, we’ve had numerous requests from householders asking if we can retro-fit a cavity tray to their existing extension.

On that basis, it could be worth you including a cavity tray amongst the other accessories you have in mind for your new extension. But, so that you don’t waste your money, Visual will assess whether a cavity tray is needed first by seeing if there is a possibility of water damage occurring in the future and then pass on our opinion, leaving you to make the final decision.  

We can go into more detail about cavity trays should you need any further information. Book an appointment and let’s get chatting.


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